Team & Board of Directors


303 TEAM
Artistic & General Director: Miriam Ginestier
Production & Technical Director: Andrea Joy Rideout
Administration: Viva Delorme
Communications Coordinator: Guillaume Vallée
Reception: Lizette Rodriguez
Artists’ Services: Ornella Calisti

Board of Directors: Kelly Keenan, Sarah Bronsard, Helene Petoussis, Caroline Guimont, Paul Béland, Julie Bickerstaff, Miriam Ginestier, Cassandre Lescarbeau, Andrew Turner and Mark Sussman.

Advisory Board: Martha Carter, Paul Caskey, Guy Cools, André Houle, Suzanne Miller, Michael Montanaro, Ilona Dougherty.

Founders: Martha Carter, Jo Leslie, Isabelle Van Grimde


Founding member of Culture Montréal
Founding member of the Regroupement des Arts Interdisciplinaires du Québec (RAIQ)
Member of the Regroupement Québécois de la Danse (RQD)
Member of the Canadian Dance Assembly
Member of CanDance, a network of Canadian Dance Presenters