Credit Andrea deKeizer

Public events, from 1990 to present.

Morgan Sea par Valérie Sangin

Edgy Women and Edgy Redux are feminist experimental art events devised by Miriam Ginestier and produced by Studio 303, from 1994 to 2016.

Professional workshops, from 2003 to present.


Creation and technic residencies, from 1999 to present.


The Vernissage-danse series has been presented from 1989 to May 2009.

PIss in the pool

All past co-productions.


August 18-27, 2017
$20-$30 per workshop or $40-$60 for full day workshops (sliding scale)**
$560-$850 for the full 10 days (sliding scale, including 3 days of food and housing)**

Workshops will primarily be offered in English. Please contact us if you require whisper translation to French.
Artists of all generations, cultural backgrounds and practices are encouraged to participate. Priority space is offered to people with marginalized identities
For more information or to register (limited space):