Rene Bazinet

Mar. 19 to 30, 2018 – 9:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

Open to artists of all disciplines / Bilingual teacher

«I loved this workshop. René is very nice and knows this medium very well. It’s exciting when he makes comments on everyone’s attempts».

1. Introduction to an in-depth analysis of the workings of the body through the Feldenkrais Technique. This technique gives the student a deeper understanding of how the body works through introspective exercises (mainly lying on the floor). It reveals a way of moving with minimum energy (economy of movements).
2. Daily physical training in the style of Jacques Lecoq. It consists of exercises for balance, forward momentum, precision in gestural language, different dynamics for the stage, and also an elaboration on mime training.
3. Work with the Neutral Masque method, starting with the elements and going towards materials, colours, lights and animals. This is aimed at letting the body totally become an element, a material or transforming into an animal.
4. Daily work on Clown Entrances in the style of Philippe Gaulier. This will be about stage presence and the psychology of the clown, the way he or she thinks, acts behaves in front of a public. I might suggest to students to come with little extra bits of costumes and a red nose. This approach of teaching the art of clowning was passed down to me from my Clown-master Philippe Gaulier… which basically means it’s going to be somewhat “personal” for each participant.

Over the past thirty years, René Bazinet‘s talent has served the most famous North American and European theatres. He graced the stages of the Circus Roncalli and Germany’s Wintergarten, as well as those of the Teatro de la Fenice and the prestigious Opéra de Paris. He shined as the master of ceremonies or in his numerous clown guises for Just for Laughs and Cirque du Soleil for which he traveled the world. René Bazinet also works in film: he acted in several movies and directed several made-for-TV movies. The stage is his natural habitat, the one in which he puts his wide-ranging talents as actor, mime, clown and singer to full use. Theatre audiences could fully appreciate his talent in the new show, Lachen Machen, the King of Clowns, staged in Germany, and starring, the one critics deemed, one of the «world’s five greatest clowns» . Whether in Hamburg, Montpellier, Montréal or Munich, he is as much at ease in the director or clown number creator’s chair, as he is on stage. The théâtre du Nouveau Monde, the Wintergarten and the Cirque du Soleil are but a few of the world-renowned theatre companies upon which he has left his mark. Of late, he directed the clown in Kurios and the clowns called the Movers in Zarkana, two Cirque du Soleil productions as well as the artists of the show Rhytmos de la Noche presented in Puerto Vallarta. He also gives mime and clowning workshops.

All workshops are for professional performing artists. Some require advanced dance training.

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