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Like elsewhere in the arts sector, Studio 303’s output has vastly outgrown the public funding available to support it. In order to continue our cutting edge programming and improve services to artists, we need to increase Studio 303’s operating budget dramatically. We are appealing to foundations, businesses and engaged individuals like you to participate in our fundraising campaigns.
Studio 303 is a generous, innovative, flexible and fiscally-responsible organization. If like us, you believe that small and weird is beautiful and necessary please donate now in order to support Studio 303. All contributions – no matter how small – are invaluable and a sign that you care.

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2015-16 Fundraising Campaign
Last season we received $10,559 in donations from 121 individuals, not to mention in-kind services of editing, translation and general help. A huge thank you to: 2fik, Adam Kinner, Alejandro De Leon, Alexander Macsween, Alexandra Liva, Alexander Tigchelaar, Alexis Trépanier, Alison Carpenter, Amanda Moretti, Amy Hudston, Andrea Joy Rideout, Andrew Turner, Annie Roy, Ashlea Watkin, Audrée Juteau, Audrey Yank, Bernard Lagacé, Betty Marie Langley, Caroline Charbonneau, Cassandre Lescarbeau, Catherine Russell, Centraide Ottawa, Chantal Allard, Christina Smeja, Christine Bellerose, Christopher Willes, Claudine Hubert, Dana Gingras, Dana Michel, Danielle Lecourtois, Dayna McLeod, Dena Davida, Dominic Simoneau, Dorian Nuskind-Oder, Ester Kalaba, Eva de Gosztonyi, François Chevalier, Gaëtan Gosselin, Guillaume Bisaillon, Guy Cools, Helene Petoussis, Hélène Tremblay, Hervé Leblay, Ilona Dougherty,Ilya Krouglikov, Isabelle Scarfo,Izabella Marengo, Jacqueline van de Geer, Jane Gabriels, Jean-Paul Ginestier, Jenn Goodwin, Jess Dobkin, Julie Surprenant, Karen Fennell, Katherine Alsterlund, Kathleen Perry, Katie Ward, Kelly Keenan, Kim-Sanh Châu, Kinga Grabinski, Kyra Jean Green, Laura Taler, Lin Snelling, Linda Rabin, Louise Dubreuil, Lucy May, Lys Stevens, Marie Chouinard, Marie Claire Forté, Marie-Josée Ferron, Marilyn Gabriel, Mark Sussman, Martha Carter, Melissa Guay, Micheal Webber, Michèle Febvre, Miriam Ginestier, Monica Coquoz, Moynan King, Myriam Allard, Namchi Bazar, Nathalie Claude, Nathalie Lemoine, Neville Clark, Nicole Harbonnier, Nikki Forrest, Olivier Bertrand, Paolo Bramucci, Paryse Taillefer, Patrick Saint-Denis, Peter Trosztmer, Philip Szporer, Pramila Wiskar, Sarah Bronsard, Sarah Wendt, Soufia Bensaid, Stephane Gladyszewski, Stephen White, Thea Patterson, Tony Chong, Wendy Reid, Yves Sheriff and 13 anonymous donors.