Credit: Valérie Sangin

Credit: Valérie Sangin

Saturday, February 27th 2016, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. @ Studio 303

After 23 years of undisciplined feminist performance, Edgy Women/Redux is on its way out as 2016 marks the FINAL edition of Edgy activities at Studio 303 (click here to read Miriam Ginestier’s statement). A meditation on Edgy’s 23-year history, this final offering looks back on the festivals’ love of experimentation and thrill for emerging performance practices by guiding our audience through a 3-step grieving process in the form of visitation, famous last words, and digital interment.

In keeping with mourning traditions of the funeral wake: come, stay up late and view the (Edgy) body (of work). For this open (video) casket, festival founder and long-time director, Miriam Ginestier will share stories and curate a farewell retrospective of archival videos showcasing memorable moments of Edgies-past. Join us in a red-shrouded studio for provocative dishes and a funereal cocktail to die for, concocted by guest artist Sonja Zlatanova.

Artist’s biography

Born in Macedonia, ex-Yugoslavia, Sonja Zlatanova lived in Europe before settling in Montreal in 2012. Zlatanova has developed a polymorphous body of work that unites photography, video, installation, performance, drawing and embroidery. Her practice is informed by everyday situations and actions, as well as by environments that concentrate and condition the body. In Zlatanova’s work, the body is not figurative; rather, it is explored as a vehicle for the sensitive and the social. zlatanovasonja.tumblr.com

Accessibility info: Studio 303 is wheelchair accessible, though after 10pm, Nuit Blanche gets very crowded. Please contact technique@studio303.ca with your accessibility questions.