Photo: Valérie Sangin

Photo: Valérie Sangin

Saturday March 12th 2016 at 1pm @ Studio 303
Free – Please sign up in advance:

1pm – 2pm: Wikipedia editing tutorial
2pm – 5pm: Edgy Digital Interment: Wiki-Thon

After 23 years of undisciplined feminist performance, Edgy Women/Redux is on its way out as 2016 marks the FINAL edition of Edgy activities at Studio 303 (click here to read Miriam Ginestier’s statement). A meditation on Edgy’s 23-year history, this final offering looks back on the festivals’ love of experimentation and thrill for emerging performance practices by guiding our audience through a 3-step grieving process in the form of visitation, famous last words, and digital interment.

Edgy is dead, long live Edgy! For this final day of the farewell edition, we are hosting an event inspired by the Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon, an international campaign to improve the coverage of women’s art on Wikipedia and to encourage female editorship. This digital interment is a chance for anyone to help us archive Edgy’s 23-year history online for posterity’s sake while increasing the web-visibility of feminist interdisciplinary performance and the artists that have been featured in the festival over the years. Everyone is welcome and no Wikipedia editing experience is necessary – Tutorials will be provided in English by Amber Berson and in French by Anne Goldenberg. One-on-one coaching, how-to resources, childcare (free) and refreshments will available. Come and take part, or just come have some snacks and cheer us on.

To participate (live in studio):
– Register by emailing
– Click here and create a Wikipedia account
– Bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone (and an extra to share if you can)

To participate (long distance):
– Click here and create a Wikipedia account
– Click here to learn how to edit articles


Amber Berson is a writer, curator, and PhD student who conducting doctoral research at Queen’s University on the subject of artist-run culture and feminist, Utopian thinking. She most recently curated The Let Down Reflex (2016); TrailMix (2014); *~._.:*JENNIFER X JENNIFER*:.~ (2013); The Annual Art Administrator’s Relay Race (2013); and The Wild Bush Residency (2012–14). She is on the editorial committee of .dpi, a feminist journal of digital art and culture, is the Canadian ambassador for the Art+Feminism Wikipedia project. Her writing has been published in Breach Magazine, Canadian Art, C Magazine, Esse, Fuse Magazine and the St Andrews Journal of Art History and Museum Studies.

Anne Goldenberg is a co founder of FemHack, Hacking with Care and Politics and Care.
She is a transdisciplinary researcher, dancer and multimedia artist interested in the political, epistemic and poetic aspects of collaborative platforms and participatory devices. She has a PhD in Communication (UQAM, Montreal) and in Sociology (Unice, Nice) and wrote her thesis on “The Negotiation of Contributions in Public Wikis.” This theoretical work led her to engage with the poetics of collective contributions through various forms – relational movement, dance improvisation, performances, multimedia and mixed media installation. She likes to introduce relational practices (between humans, nature and technologies) and creates intimate spaces toward personnal and collective emancipation. As a techno-feminist, she also facilitates participatory process and mutual learning and likes to make visible, readable and malleable the processes of co-construction of knowledge. Since two years, she is involved in projects that bring together politics care and antioppressive practices.

Accessibility info: Studio 303 is accessible to mobility devices. Please contact for further information.