At a glance

Studio 303 offers audiences affordable access to diverse experimental contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance experiences. We seek out artists who escape definition, who are curiosity-driven and who challenge the status quo in their work, both in terms of content and-or form. Predictably unpredictable, our programming is responsive to current creative practices and to exciting opportunities that arise.

Our presenting season now revolves around four annual events: REMIX, Cabaret Tollé, All Nuit Long Vidéodanse, and out Curator-in-residence show. In addition, we will host special events such as keyon gaskin at VIVA! Art Action (see calendar below). 

This year Studio 303 is also involved in two touring projects – in Edmonton, St-John’s and Birmingham (UK): This Fall, as part of the REMIX CanDance Creative Exchange, Montreal artist Thea Patterson will tour to Edmonton and St-John’s to remix local work from those two communities. And in October 2017, Birmingham’s Fierce festival in the U.K. will present work by Andrew Tay, Christopher Willes + Adam Kinner, and Andréa de Keijzer + Erin Robinsong’s as part of a market development activity supported by the English Language Arts Network, and devised by Studio 303. 

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REMIX CanDance Creative Exchange
Two original works followed by their remixes by guest choreographers. A radical sharing of material.
September 23-24, 2017

keyon gaskin @ VIVA! Art Action
Studio 303 is a new partner at VIVA! Art Action, a lively biennial which generates unprecedented experiences for artists as well as for the public.
October 4, 2017

Cabaret Tollé
Broke, woke and think the economic status of artists is no joke? Be part of an evening of artful indignation and creative protest.
December 7, 2017.

All Nuit Long Vidéodanse
Screendance videos and popcorn for insomniacs.
March 3, 2018.

Think, devise, express. A program conceived by a different curator-in-residence each year.
April 14-15, 2018.

SPARK Series
Free informal showings by 303-associated artists during the FTA.
May 26 until June 3

À Table
A “slow networking” event for artists and presenters.
May 2018 (date TBA)

Long Table
A playful format conducive to dynamic public discussion. A dinner party where conversation is the only course.
May 2018 (date TBA)