Alejandro Sajgalik Photo credit: Nick Bostick


Summer 2019

PROJECT // Cantos para los insaciables is a ritualistic solo, a quest for lost fragments, a yearning to once again reach the cosmic orgasm. Alejandro builds a bridge that links this peak experience with feelings of insatiability that found solace in addiction. Creating a solitary polyphonic chant and transcending the object hood and kitsch of a handed-down accordion, he intensifies his vibration. This is a raw lullaby, one that soothes the root of his ravenousness: intergenerational trauma. The performer seeks the body without memory to release ancestral restlessness and conditioning. His shadow dances its way back into consciousness to unveil the ultimate self-deception: the insatiability of the seeker.

September 26 at 8 p.m. at VIVA! Art Action + November 2019 at Tangente

Alejandro Sajgalik
par Nick Bostick

BIO // An interdisciplinary artist and energy worker, Alejandro Sajgalik is a descendent of restless blood currently living in Montréal. His practice honours the transformative potential of transient deep rootedness, exploring the possibility of total movement within hybrid dance and music works. Drawing from his experience with somatic movement, queerness, architecture, intimacy, and holistic bodywork, he dives into deep listening as a channel to release ancestral conditioning and de-identify his body from its memory. His work includes videos, installations, and writing.