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2012-2013 Season

June 26 at 8:30 pm: Piss in the pool @ Bain Saint Michel
An empty swimming pool is taken over by this wildly popular annual event.

April 13 at 6pm and April 14 at 4pm: Hope for the Haunted de Valerie Dean et Don Rieder @ Studio 303
In Hope for the Haunted two biologicals, are put on display in a small habitat. They are islanded in a space that is both a sanctuary and a prison. Both specimens are arboreal, neither fully human not completely animal. They play on their leafless tree, taking pleasure in their own agility and grace. Ridiculous and tragic, they act out various escapes, and observe and tease those outside their small world. As they relive happy moments from their past, they are also haunted by darker memories.

March 22-23 at 7:30 pm: SHH RHRH iii de Alexis O’Hara @ Maison de la cutlture Ahuntsic
After a stop at Maison de la Culture of NDG, it is presented at Maison de la culture of Ahuntsic until Saturday March 23rd. During opening hours, anyone can enter this cosy installation and heed the call to vocalize. At night, SHH RHRH iii is a performance that turns the igloo inside out. In a tender and adventurous exploration of sound, this fort becomes a hill, a wishing well, a monument.

November 30 at 7pm and 9pm: Animal de Daniel Lepkoff @ Studio 303
An improvised performance by a master mover and contact improvisation pioneer.

2011-2012 Season

November 11-12 at 8 p. m. : Som Faves by Ivo Dimchev @ La Chapelle
La Chapelle and Studio 303 team up to welcome stellar and provocative Bulgarian artist Ivo Dimchev back in Montreal.

November 3-5 at 6 p. m. : J. E. U. X. @ Eastern Bloc
J.E.U.X. is a trans-disciplinary project exploring the concept of games as a theme and/or form featuring Soufia Bensaïd, Elise Massy, Marie-Pier Théberge, Richard E. Flanagan (FRACT), Mélanie Perrier (2Minimum), Julie Laporte, iN-Média collective, games studio Die Gute Fabrik, Raphaëlle Frigon, Nathalie Quagliotto and Jacqueline Van der Geer & Copenhagen Game Collective. Panels were presented each night at 6:30 p. m. In collaboration with Eastern Bloc.

September 8th at 7:30 p. m. : Singulier Pluriel @ Fonderie Darling
Our summer artists-in-residence The Choreographers and Caroline Laurin-Beaucage (with Martin Messier) took over Fonderie Darling with French performers Olivier Dubois and Franck Dadure, and Montreal visual art collective En Masse. As part of the Escales Improbables de Montréal.

2010-2011 Season

May 28th at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. & May 29th at 4 p.m. : The Choreographers + Deborah Dunn
As part of the OFF. T. A., Studio 303 presented Oh! Canada, the new piece by The Choreographers, and excerpts from Four Quartets by Deborah Dunn.

April 16th 2011 at 7 p.m. & 9 p.m. : Josh Beamish
Discovered during the shared programme Faith in 2010, Josh Beamish was back to Studio 303 to present his pieces Informance and Tools for Cutting (in premiere).

November 5th at 7 p.m. & 9 p.m. : Face-Back-Profile
A highly skilled performance, 100% improvised, leading to individual and collective bodies, from the front, the back, in profile, from afar, up close.

2009-2010 Season

May 14th 2010 at 7pm & May 15th 2010 at 7pm & 9pm : Soirée Moirée
Guests are greeted for an evening of performances, projections, song, dance, play and other objects.
Co-presented with Marc Boucher

April 10th 2010 at 7pm & 9pm : La Zampa
An out-of-the-ordinary performance by French dance company La Zampa mixed with Thierry Huard’s latest creation.

December 11th & 12th at 7pm: horsey!
A sci-fi space opera taking place in the micro cosmic universe of a brown paper lunch bag. Co-presented with Signal Productions/Steven Horwood.

November 6th at 7pm & 9pm: Benno Voorham & Cie
Contact improvisation performances with Benno Voorham (Sweden), Andrew de L. Harwood and the group PIE co-presented with the Association de contact improvisation.

November 1st at 8pm : Day of the Dead Cabaret
A multidisciplinary cabaret exploring the themes that accompany death co-presented with Necessary Rituals Productions.

October 10th 2009 from 2pm to 4pm: BELGOrientation
30 artists invited the public to join them in the magistral Belgo Building. Co-presented with Productions SuperMusique.

2008-2009 Season

June 18th to 21st : Further Afield
Performance art in the streets for 1 participant at a time with Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni. Co-presented by Studio 30 and Living Landscapes/ Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

May 23rd at 10pm : TRIO 303
Co-presented with the OFF.T.A. Welcome to the wonderful weird worlds of three veterans of the EDGY WOMEN Festival: Sarah Williams (dance) Nathalie Claude (humour), Alexis O’Hara (sound exploration).

April 10 & 11: Endings by Zoja Smutny
Co-presented by Passbo Dance Theatre & Studio 303

January 10th 2009 at 7pm and 9pm: DISCOVERY BAL
Co-presented by AHHA Productions and Studio 303
Featuring: Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood, Chris Aiken, Marc Boivin and musician Diane Labrosse

November 22nd 2008 at 7pm and 9pm: Les Cuisses à l’Écart du Coeur
A Choreography by Virginie Brunelle (Winner of the 2008 303 Coups de Pouce’s price at the Vue sur la Relève Festival) preceeded by Cible de Dieu by Jacques Poulin-Denis. Video excerpt:

November 7th 2008 at 7pm and 9pm: UN PEU DE VIE DANS CE MONDE MOURANT
Co-presented by AHHA Productions and Studio 303
Two performances in Contact Improvisation with Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood and Nita Little + guest dancers Catherine Lessard, David Flewelling and Stéphanie Gaudreau.

2007-2008 Season

April 13th at 4pm & April 14th 2008 at 1:30pm : THE UN/CONTAINED BODY
Performances and Forum 2008 – FREE
Co-presented by The Humanities Doctoral Program & Center for Interdisciplinary Studies at Concordia University and Studio 303

January 12th at 8:30pm & January 13th 2008 at 4pm : DISCOVERY BAL
Co-presented by AHHA Productions and Studio 303
Featuring: Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood, Chris Aiken, Marc Boivin and guest musicians Jean René and Pierre-Yves Martel

Nov. 24th at 8:30pm and Nov. 25th 2007 at 4pm : HABITAT
Co-presented by AHHA Productions and Studio 303
Featuring Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood and Nancy Stark Smith, two internationally recognized masters of Contact Improvisation and instantaneous composition.

2006-2007 Season

November 3, 7pm and 9pm : Series I. A.M. (Instinct and more)…: Hark
Co-presented by AHHA Productions. Improvised dance with Ray Chung and Andrew de L. Harwood.

January 6, 7pm and 9pm : Series I. A.M. (Instinct and more)…: Discovery Bal
Co-presented by AHHA Productions and Studio 303
Featuring: Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood, Chris Aiken, Marc Boivin and guest musicians Jean René and Michel F. Coté

2005-2006 Season

June 16, 17 & 18 2006 at 8pm (Sunday 18th at 4pm & 8pm)
Endless Medication/Cerveau fêlé 101
Co-presented with OUT Productions for the OFF Fringe Festival
Featuring Marijs Boulogne and Nathalie Claude in a double programme about women and madness, an explosive meeting of like-minded creators, each exploring profoundly disturbing topics with humour and irreverence, through their own hybrid language, unforgettable visuals and utterly subversive approaches to theatre.

February 25th 2006 at 10pm, 11pm, midnight and 1am at the Parc des Festivals
Chorégraphie pour Chasse-neige
Presented as part of the 2006 Nuit Blanche.
Co-produced by Julie Salgues & Anatoli Vlassov / IDCore and Studio 303

January 7 2006 at 7pm & 9pm
Looking Sideways, co-presented by Studio 303 and AHHA Productions

November 12 2005 at 7pm & 9pm
At the Heart of the Unknown, co-presented with AHHA Productions
Featuring Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood and Kirstie Simson

2004-2005 Season

June 4 & 5 at the Darling Foundry
Manual for Incidence, co-presented with Public Recordings

April 8 & 9 2005 at 8:30pm
L’instinct et encore… co-presented with AHHA Productions

March 27th and April 3rd 2005
Repeating Distance co-presented with Lin Snelling and Guy Cools

January 8 & 9 2005 at 8:30pm
L’instinct et encore… co-presented with AHHA Productions
This first series of four performances is devoted entirely to instantaneous composition and reunites Peter Bingham, Marc Boivin and Andrew de L. Harwood in January 2005 (and Andrew de L. Harwood with Chris Aiken in March 2005).

December 3 & 4 2004 at 8:30pm
Confi-dance, co-presented with Fico Balet, contemporary dance company from Ljubljana, Slovenia

2003-2004 Season

March 22nd 2004 at 3pm
At gallery OBORO : 4001 rue Berri, Espace 301
Interactive Dance : from real to virtual
by Company Avventure in Elicottero Prodotti (Italy)
Co-presented by Studio 303 and Studio XX

January 10th 2004 at 8:30pm
AHHA Productions
Performances by Peter Bingham, Andrew de L. Harwood and Marc Boivin during the Winter IntensiveWorkshop. Collaborators: Pierre Tanguay, DJ Pocket and Yan Lee Chan.

2002-2003 Season

October 2002 through June 2003
Les mains dans les bits
A series of 5 events and 1 documentary on numeric creation in performing arts co-presented by Studio 303 and Artificiel.