As part of its professional workshop programming, Studio 303 offers accessible (+) workshops to provide Deaf and disabled artists with professional development opportunities that address broader accessibility needs. For the 21-22 season, we are launching a pilot project in which we offer two accessible (+) workshops as well as financial support for accessibility-related expenses. We are also including more information describing the conditions of all of our professional workshops to allow artists to make informed decisions on their participation, and to highlight the diversity of abilities within the professional arts community

> Priority will be given to artists with disabilities and Deaf artists*
Priority is given to disabled and Deaf artists until two weeks before the accessible (+) workshop starts. These workshops will be identified in the workshop section of our website (header image and title). Details concerning the content, format, rhythm and methods used by the artist will be mentioned in the article.

*The notion of disability is understood here in a broad sense to include a nuanced and open range of personal conditions and realities. 

> What happens during a workshop
Workshops are usually scheduled on weekday mornings, between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. They often begin with a talking circle to allow participants and teachers to get to know each other before getting into the workshop’s content.  

> Workshop Assistants
Alternating throughout the season, we have two people responsible for welcoming workshop participants. These workshop assistants are in charge of tracking registration as well as opening and closing the studio 30 minutes before and after the workshop. They take care of both the space and the participants. Acting as sentinels, they create a connection between the participants, the teachers and the 303 team. Do not hesitate to ask them for help, moral support, questions about an exercise or the space, etc. They may assist the teachers during the (+) workshops as well.

Accessibility-related expenses

For the 21-22 season, Studio 303 is offering to reimburse or pay accessibility-related expenses for accessible (+) workshops to allow Deaf and disabled artists to participate without additional out-of-pocket costs. Workshop registration fees are however required. If the workshop fee is a barrier to participation, it is possible to apply for a workshop bursary.

> Criteria for accessibility expenses
Eligible expenses for reimbursement are those that are essential for the artist’s participation in the workshop and without which it would be impossible to participate (e.g., a sign language interpreter, a life assistant, additional costs for adapted transportation).

> How it works
There are several options:
#1 REIMBURSEMENT / Service is booked by the artist. Fee reimbursement by Studio 303 through direct deposit to the artist on presentation of an invoice from the supplier.
#2 PAYING THE SUPPLIER / The artist makes a reservation for the service and Studio 303 pays the supplier directly.
#3 RESERVE + PAY / Reservation and payment of the service handled by Studio 303. A minimum of one month notice is required.

Regardless of which option you choose:
> Registration for an accessible (+) workshop is done through the online registration form (payment by credit card). In the form, you will find self-identification questions and a question asking if you wish to receive financial assistance, select YES and indicate the reason and estimated amount if you know it. Then, select one of the aforementioned options for booking and billing. 

> Noël, who is responsible for artist services, will get in touch with you within 5 business days of filling out the form to confirm everything and to make sure that your needs are well understood, according to the option chosen: #1, #2, or #3.

If you need to cancel your participation in the workshop and this incurs a cancellation fee for services booked, please contact us as soon as possible and inform us of the cancellation cost (for options #1 and #2) or let us know if we should contact the supplier (option #3).

Workshop Bursary

If the cost of the workshop is a barrier, it is possible to apply for our Workshop Bursary, available via the workshop registration form. This bursary is available for the accessible (+) workshops as well as all other pro workshops in our programming. Check out this page for more information on the workshop bursary >