Studio 303 supports artists engaged in critical and experimental practices in dance and interdisciplinary performance.


An ecosystem that stimulates and sustains artists whose experimental practices enrich society in improbable and impractical ways.


> Centering artists. Centering the needs of off-center creators, we are responsive to the artists we serve, who are not only our clientele but our collaborators.
> Seeking the strange. We work with artists who may seem strange for their transgression or disregard of boundaries—boundaries of discipline, identity, methodology, and more.
> Interrogating ourselves. We question our own motives and institutional power, striving to be self-questioning and transparent, rather than self-serving.
> Thriving with care. We value relationships over transactions, and seek to spread this ethos within the systems we are a part of.


We support and activate:
> Artistic practice Professional workshops and residencies.
> Career development In-house services, online resources, equity initiatives, and by connecting artists and presenters.
> A creative community – Gatherings, shows, and open-level classes.

How we work:

Our structure follows a holistic vision, where each activity feeds another. Artists often move through various roles: teaching one year, being a resident the next, taking workshops etc. This fosters continuity for returning artists with whom we nurture a long-term relationship, while also providing various entry points for those who wish to join the 303 community.

> Programming As a space dedicated to experimental performance, we work with artists who escape definition and seek alternative models of artistic creation. Each season’s artists (residency, presenting and teaching) are programmed by invitation or by open call (with a selection committee composed of associate artists and members of the 303 team). The majority of international artists come to Studio 303 through partnerships with other organisations.

> Engagement Our role within the performing arts community has evolved over the years, in parallel with the changes in the milieu. Today we are more than ever committed to feminist, queer, anti-oppressive and anti-racist philosophies. We work behind the scenes, through dialogue and partnership, to contribute to a healthier professional environment that promotes equity and transparency. We continuously reimagine creation and networking processes, in order to help artists find their place within the performance ecosystem while respecting their identity and vision.

> Team – Studio 303 has 5 to 6 permanent staff, working an average of 26 hours per week, including two director positions. We operate with a gentle hierarchy, tending towards horizontality. The Board of Directors is composed of 8 to 10 members, at least half of whom are independent artists. Our Board acts as an outside eye (with multiple perspectives), which supports and challenges the codirection while ensuring that Studio 303 adheres to legal and ethical standards.