Studio 303 has two types of activities that are open to the general public: events and evening classes.


The studio is a versatile and open space that welcomes events of various formats. We use the studio for our own productions as well as to host external events. We occasionally present/co-present events outside of the studio.

> Our Studio’s Events Programming
Studio 303 programs in-studio events that take on a variety of formats. This can be done by transforming the studio into a theatre with bleachers and benches, by using the lighting system, or by offering more informal studio performances, where the audience is free to sit wherever they want in the space, on cushions or chairs.

Information regarding specific conditions (intensity, sound volume, light, smell or any other relevant element) will be provided for every event. We ensure clear paths and spaces dedicated for people using mobility devices. Arrangements can be made to accommodate different needs (possibility to leave during the performance, late policy, break room). Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to prepare for your visit at one of our public events!  

> Free child minding services
During specified events, Studio 303 occasionally offers child minding services in the Studio 303 office, beside the main studio space. If this is something you need to allow your participation in a specific event or workshop, please contact us at info@studio303.ca.

> Service animals
Certified service animals are always welcome in our spaces. Please reach out to us in advance so that we can provide a suitable space depending on the nature of the performance, and to ensure that any special effects will not disturb your companion (i.e. loud noises, lighting effects, etc.).

> Support person
We also welcome the presence of a support person to assist visitors with special needs. We will provide them with an admission ticket if necessary.

> Self-production at 303
When Studio 303 rents out its space for events we provide renters with information to consider to improve the accessibility of their productions. If an event is not promoted on our website, it means that it is an external event. Please contact the promoters of the event directly for accessibility information or for any specific need as we may not have all the details.

Evening Classes

Studio 303 offers a wide range of beginner and intermediate dance and movement classes open to the general public. These classes are between 1 and 1.5 hours long and are offered over 10 to 14 weeks depending on the session (fall, winter, spring). The teachers of these classes are independent artists who rent the studio and manage their own registration. Discover our evening classes and contact the teachers directly if you have any questions about the accessibility of their course or if you’d like to participate.