Betty Pomerleau


Summer 2019

PROJECT // Bubble Vision Me Your Lucid Dreams

Now that the future is eminently expressive “but all the more obedient to simple sensory schemata,” Betty P is finding immediate pleasure in a mediated present. From a purely optical situation, 2 principles emerge: the desire to make with the neorealism of (VR) and the wish to “let memory dance.” Paradised, we’re all stuck here. And it’s getting hard to tell which fruit is the truth.

Betty Pomerleau by Dave Biddle

BIO // Betty P‘s work encompasses text, choreography, ASMR and fake live performances on platforms like Instagram accounts, web radios and traditional stages. Betty sees opportunity to bring the language around speech into contact with non-linguistic modes of thought, including corporeal presence, movement, image and sound. She examines movement as a doubling of the text, to give speech a double life: as communication and as a performative narrative tool. Her practice on Instagram involves a choreographical aspect — it is a way to extend the universe of the performance, to reach the popular realm. It is an alternative approach to examine theoretical text through selfie stories and their facial recognizing filters.