Stay with us!

Dear Friend,

This message comes to you from a busy, buzzing office as we approach the launch of our 2023-24 season. We're enthusiastically building a rich and responsive program, while gently recovering from the pandemic shake. Our team is strong and morale is high - we are experiencing the excitement of renewal!

This period is also marked by Miriam’s upcoming departure (end of June 2023). It is a bittersweet time during which we cannot help but look back with full hearts at all that has been accomplished over the past three decades. From our early years of thematic evenings (Bruits du noir, Vernissage-danse) and a gallery in the office, our organization’s DIY and edgy spirit endures. 

Fundraising has always accompanied and supported our evolution. Starting in 1991 with nine donors, our pool of supporters (you!) has grown over the years, to an average of 100 people per year – many of whom are devoted regulars. This continuous flow of support allows us to live ($$!), boosts our energy and morale, and fortifies our credibility vis-à-vis our funders.

As we enter this new chapter – with a new co-director arriving very soon – we have many challenges ahead, the first of which is to recalibrate the balance between our output, our values and our resources. Our goal is to survive the current economic context and evolve towards a thriving, more financially solid structure, which will continue to contribute fearlessly and generously to the artistic milieu.

Miriam leaves us with a beautiful legacy, and we are excited to cultivate it. Please stay with us; this is an important moment.

Team 303


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◗  By credit card using this link

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