Marie Mougeolle Photo credit: Josée Lecompte


Summer 2019

PROJECT // In this solo, choreographer/performer Marie Mougeolle plunges into the late pop star Michael Jackson’s universe as a starting point for her creation, examining his hybrid practice as a musician-dancer, and deconstructing his unparalleled stage presence. In a lunar landscape sculpted by sound, she explores Jackson’s powers of metamorphosis to transform herself into a strange, creature-like being. A culmination of various personas, Jackson both appeals to and troubles us through his elusive identity: by exploring the duality of Jackson’s persona, and his oscillation between adulated icon and monstrosity, Mougeolle confronts herself and the spectator with the complex, messy nature of our beings. The result is a dreamlike, at times raw performance that is both intimate and striking.

Marie Mougeolle
Photo credit: Aurelien Guy

BIO // Marie Mougeolle lives in Montreal since 2010. She first collaborates with Katya Montaignac and works on her first solo creation, Entre autres, presented in France and in Vietnam in 2014. In 2015, she and Liane Thériault created Mine de rien at OFFta. The duo takes the name MINE DE RIEN : UN COLLECTIF in 2016 and continues today its activities. As an interpreter, she mainly collaborates with Les Sœurs Schmutt, Sarah Dell’Ava, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara, Helen Simard and Sophie Corriveau. She also teaches dance at École Supérieure de Ballet and École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal.