Crédit photo : Rémi Hermoso


PROJECT // “1, 2, maybe 3”

Photo credit : Pénélope and Chloë

Measuring the mundane. Two bodies working to coexist in close proximity. The convergence of forms within fabrics to the point where ownership of each part is unclear. Unforeseen complexities emerge when plans become actions. The overlapping of decisions creates constraints. Yielding to each other’s choices to find compromise, but ultimately over-complicating the simple.

BIO // Jean Bui and Sydney McManus are interested in generating works that explore function. If design is engineered for the human form, can our bodies serve design? Inspired by minimalism, striving to only show the essentials, the artists’ focus is to reduce ornamentation. For them, “form follows function” (Louis Sullivan, 1896). Borrowing from the Bauhaus, they are seeking a balance between efficiency and aesthetics. In doing so, one might say they are “pointlessly moving about” or “perfecting uselessness” (translated from French by F. Pouillaude, 2014). Their work has been presented by Tangente for Danses Buissonnières as well as OFFTA 2019. Creation was supported through residencies with LA SERRE – arts vivants, Danse à la Carte and Compagnie Marie Chouinard. Their piece “1, 2, maybe 3” is being extended to a full length evening work for presentation at Theatre La Chapelle 21/22. This project is supported by both the Canadian Arts Council as well as Conseil des Arts de Montréal.