PROJECT // Recuérdame

Recuérdame…is a promise made to yourself, to not give up on one’s dreams and deepest desires. To acknowledge the different parts of oneself and to embrace and welcome them. The objective of the residency will be to work on approaching the ground, on the relationship to gravity and on the different levels in this transition to the floor. The artistic collaborators for this residency are Ja James ‘Jigsaw’ Britton Johnson, Victoria Mackenzie, Sofia El-Iraki and Stephanie Decourteille. Paradoxically, there is no expectation of a final result or product, or whether this promise, made to oneself and one’s body, can ever find an end.

BIO // Originally from Haiti and born in Montreal, Thaïna did not receive conventional dance training, although she has always been driven by a deep desire to dance. While pursuing a PhD in neuroscience, Thaïna joined the University of Montreal’s dance troupe from 2015 to 2017. Since January 2018, she has participated in two intensive BIG BANG trainings led by Stéphanie Decourteille in order to deepen the discovery of her body and her dance. In 2020, Thaïna presented her first short film in movement entitled “Nwär” as an emerging choreographer at the 18th edition of the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD). This summer, through an artistic residency at Studio 303 in partnership with CanDance, Thaïna is beginning a return to dance.