photo: Val Desjardins

Our mission

Studio 303 supports live art, prioritizing the development of emerging practices in contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance.

Serving as both an incubator and a catalyst, our organization has a unique structure combining creation/production, professional development, and presenting activities:
Creation/production: residencies (in our studio in Montréal, and overseas), occasional coproductions, independent productions;
Support services: professional workshops for creators, personalised Support Labs, on-line resources (takingtheleap.org & Re-tours), discussion forums, mentorship and professional networking events;
Presenting: informal presentations by resident artists, commissioning events (Remix, Curator-in-residence), and thematic political event like Cabaret Tollé.

Our values

• Putting artists first – particularly those with fragile art forms or who fall between the cracks.
• Supporting artistic freedom and experimentation.
• Safeguarding our independence and flexibility.
• Challenging assumptions and subverting the status quo.
• Remaining critical, self-aware, sincere and transparent.
• Involving artists in the decisions that affect them.
• Providing a welcoming, accessible (financially and physically) environment. (link to accessibility statement)
• Rejecting the traditional growth model in favour of working deeply, holistically.

About our programming

Our vision is a holistic one, with each arm of programming feeding the other, and much overlap between the artists who are supported and those who take or teach workshops. As a hub for experimental and outspoken performance, we often work with artists who escape definition and who seek new models for artistic creation. They are programmed (for residencies, presentation or workshops) through an open call for submissions by a selection committee composed of staff and artists, or are invited by the Artistic Director. Most foreign artists come to Studio 303 through a partnership between organizations.

Our role within the performing arts community has evolved over the years, in tandem with changes in the milieu. Today, we are increasingly invested in artist empowerment and in the mobility of ideas. We advocate, facilitate discussions and host innovative networking events with the goal of helping creators locate and develop interesting opportunities to better support their practice.

More than a simple doorway to the professional milieu, Studio 303 is one of the most creative, multifunctional, affordable and welcoming artistic centres in Canada.