Photo credit : Jasa Baka
Photo credit : Jasa Baka



YAFFE HO + is an improvised performance for two dancers, a floating structure, and a remote-controlled robot.

During our residency at Studio 303, we will be testing a robot proto-type and experimenting with ways to provide live translation of improvised text.

Concept and artistic direction: Dorian Nuskind-Oder and Simon Grenier-Poirier
Performance: Winnie Ho and Nate Yaffe
Outside eye: Vincent Bonin
Production: Le Radeau

BIO // Born in North Carolina, and based in Montreal, Dorian Nuskind-Oder is an artist and cultural worker active in the mediums of choreography and performance. Since 2017, she is co-artistic director of the artist-run company le Radeau. 

Simon Grenier-Poirier is an interdisciplinary artist and dramaturge who lives and works in Montreal.

Dorian and Simon’s recent creations include: Speed Glue (2019) a choreographic score for two table tennis players, Hasards préparés (2018) a performance installation/game about destiny, Biergarten fur Alchimisten (2016) a lecture performance about alchemy and artificial intelligence, and Memory Palace (2016) a performance for three people with a background in social or folkloric dance forms.

Photo credit : Simon Grenier-Poirier

DETAILS // This project has received support from the Festival TransAmériques (Réspirations), Diagramme/Studio Flak (Studios Solidaires) and la Danse sur les routes du Québec/Espace DUSSO (Réseau résidences).