© Svelta Atanasova

Georges-Nicolas Tremblay

Queer Performance Camp 2020

PROJECT // From time immemorial, sex and eroticism have been depicted in the arts, which influenced our perception of sexuality. In fact, art considered as pornographic contributes to the sublimation or degradation of sexual practices. Wanting to embrace my interest for queerness by dismantling relational hierarchies, while also rethinking norms and power dynamics, I decided to work on this notion of pornography, focusing on the arts.

Derived from the Greek words pornê (prostitute) and graphê (writing), pornography refers to the discourse on sexuality rather than on sexuality itself. By working on this theme, my aim is to break away from the shame associated to desires and sexual practices, particularly when they defer from standards like heteronormativity or monogamy.

To do so, I will continue my exploration of the moving singing body. This interest comes from my fascination for musicals, a cinematographic genre which I already explored through collaborative creation practices. I would actually like to deepen one of the outcomes of those explorations: the dichotomy between heteronormative and capitalist values typically present in musicals and the queerness found both in their form and makers. My project is therefore to develop queer porn songs for dancing bodies or queer porn dances for singing bodies. This is at least, the starting point of my process. What will come up is still to be determined!

© Julie Artacho

BIO // With a background in visual arts, theatre and dance, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay constantly reevaluates his practice as an artist. His curiosity and questioning feed all the projects in which he has been involved. This is what got him through his Master in Dance at UQAM, in which he studied dance dramaturgy.

As an interpreter, he has danced for various choreographers including Isabelle Van Grimde, Sylvain Émard, Harold Rhéaume and Hélène Blackburn. He participated in 26 lettres à danser, a work by Bouge de là, a dance company creating dance shows for children and directed by Hélène Langevin. He also worked for the company Je suis Julio (Ariane Boulet and Nate Yaffe), Corpuscule Danse (France Geoffroy) and Lilith & Cie (Aurélie Pédron). Aside from his carrier on stage, he also teaches his vision of dramaturgy and works as artistic advisor and dramaturg. As a creator, his interest lies in the exploration of collaboration to renew process, aiming to dismantle hierarchies and to queer the arts.