Louise Michel Photo credit: Marie Poly


Winter 2019-20

PROJECT // Louise Michel Jackson and Magali Babin experience a dive into a luminescent eco-system: imaginary caves, fluorescent paths, buried paradises and creatures wandering with sublime discretion. There they wave a link between two trajectories: one by an individual learning to generate their own light and one by a humanity doomed to its own extinction but who persists in believing in its immortality. 

In a sound, visual and performative low-fi realm, both psychedelic and meditative, they try to find their humble place in between abysmal darkness and astral brightness. With a bit of luck, glow worms will extinguish the fire, stars will crystallize and jellyfish will fly away carried by glow worms…

Louise Michel par Marie Poly

BIO // Louise Michel has been a performer for the past 15 years. She has collaborated with Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Frédérick Gravel, Dana Gingras, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Belgique) and Adam Kinner, among others. After living for 5 years in Europe, she now navigates between Brussels and Montreal, creating her own projects. For the past 3 years, she’s been touring her first project STROKE aka SHUDDER (short version), created in collaboration with Ben Fury (Belgium), which premiered in Charleroi-danses (Brussels 2016) and was then presented in several venues including Tangente (Montreal 2016), Palais de Tokyo (Paris 2016) and the 2017 Lausanne Festival. She explores and questions the cohabitation and resonance between “athletic, choreographic and somatic bodies”. She appreciates chaos and overflow, instinct’s fragility, imperceptibility’s nevralgic eco-system and the notion of disponibility though cerebral and sensorial trajectories. She has been teaching regularly for the past 7 years across Europe and Canada, for dancers in training, professionals, amateurs, and other performing humans.