photo credit : Do Phan Hoi


PROJECT // Neither solid nor static

Neither solid nor static is an outcome of my research Trigger Point, which started in December 2019. This research was aimed at developing my own artistic language and approach, mainly through improvisation in relation to various external stimuli. Now I am focusing more on my ability to remain available to what is inside me in the present moment in order to identify what hinders my total expression and, consequently, to find tools to favour it. As such, Neither Solid nor Static is a constant unveiling of what has settled in me and what flows through me. An exploration of forms, of presence to myself and to my environment, of perseverance, of letting go and of affirmation at all costs. For this residency, I will be accompanied by Enora Trebern in music in preparation for my participation in the Furies Festival in Marsoui. 



BIO // Inspired by all forms of expression and by naturopathy, Marie-Reine MQueen Kabasha combines her love of movement of all kinds and her pleasure of sharing in all her practices. From freestyle to theatre to teaching, every opportunity for exchange nourishes her. Active in the Montreal dance scene since 2013, she has had the opportunity to work with creators with a refined and versatile artistic language, including several prominent figures in the Montreal and international street dance scene. She joined EBNFLOH in 2014 and Tentacle Tribe in 2016. Lately, she has been working with Brigitte Poupart, Grand Poney, Sébastien Provencher, Helen Simard and Caroline Laurin-Beaucage. Meanwhile, she has a growing interest in research and creation and is now working on her own artistic language through a research project called “Trigger Point”.

Photo credit : Eddy Lee

Sound design: Énora Trebern
Artistic advisor: Frédérique PAX Dumas
Many thanks to my collaborators and to the organizations who have supported me: the Bside team, Studio 303, Studio Par B.Leux, Danse-cité, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.