Virginie Meigne


May 4 to 8, 2020
– 10 am to 12 pm (Mon.-Fri.)
$30 for the week, must be eligible to the *Emploi-Québec support

Open to artists of all disciplines / In English
Capacity: 20 people

Given the current circumstances, we’ve decided to move this workshop online! Let’s connect in a new way, and continue supporting each other from afar.

Please plan for enough space to lie on the floor, a mat or towel, and comfortable clothing.

FATHOM HIGH is a Feldenkrais based dance technique. Feldenkrais is a system of neuro-motor training and reconditioning. FATHOM HIGH’s main goal is to ‘unlock’ movement patterns by delicately destabilizing them, so that new possibilities become accessible. By using our inherent neuroplastic ability to rewire and change our habits from the core, we can ‘tap’ into a deeper, more primal understanding of our body and its mechanics, unveiling an ocean of possibilities. “FATHOM HIGH brought me closer to my body, and reconnected me to the basic joy of dancing. This is my personal motivation for teaching – To enable and support others through a similar process.” – Meytal Blanaru.

Born in Israel in 1982, Meytal Blanaru is a Brussels based dancer, choreographer and the founder of FATHOM HIGH. Since creating her 1st solo Lilly in 2008, she develops a personal movement research that deeply alters the way she moves and perceives the body. Inspired by the Feldenkrais method, her curiosity to create a fusion between Feldenkrais and dance leads her to slowly build a movement technique which she calls FATHOM HIGH.

In 2011, she creates her second solo AURORA, that is selected to the prestigious AEROWAVES priority list 2015 and is touring ever since (2011 – 2018) across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In 2014, she assists Damien Jalet in YAMA – a creation for the Scottish Dance Theater. In 2015 she creates SAND, a piece for 10 young dancers, commissioned by the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance; Followed by ANITYA, a piece for 8 young dancers, created in 2017, commissioned by DanscentrumJette/Danske platform. In 2018, Meytal’s new group creation WE WERE THE FUTURE is the winner the French CDCN Coprodcution, offering a vast network of theatres in France that support and program the piece for the season 18/19. She then creates HOME, a dance piece for 26 young dancers at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. As a performer Meytal worked and collaborated with Samuel Lefeuvre/Groupe Entorse, Lisi Estaras/les Ballets C de la B, Damien Jalet/Eastman Dance Company, Roberto Olivan, Clara Furey & Martin Kilvady.

Meytal is also a certified Feldenkrais teacher. She is devoted to the promotion of the Feldenkrais method into the dance community. As a part of this initiative she teaches regularly FATHOM HIGH workshops, with the aim of bringing awareness to the huge potential of Feldenkrais and neuroplasticity when applied in the dance field. She teaches in different schools such as Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, P.A.R.T.S , Charleroi-Danses, DanscentrumJette and other schools in Europe, Canada, the United States and Israel.

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