Photo credit: Noël Vezina


PROJECT // tiny angel creaturestiny angel creatures [working title] is a performance in which I try to tap into the sensation of heaven to stretch our understanding of being beyond our corporeal existence. Through song, community, and embodied prayer, I reckon with my belief that our understanding of life is inherently limited, and try to bask in sacred unknowns. The transformative power of Queerness and love fuel this exploration, with hope that embracing life as both insignificant/infinite can foster peace and power in the place of confusion and fear. Perhaps we are tiny creatures floating through space, or glorious angels inhabiting human forms. Perhaps we don’t exist at all. Consciousness clouded by the constraints of living, I search for clues that connect me to something bigger, and invite these traces of Elsewhere to overwhelm me so that I may feel them so strongly they spill out beyond me, and into those who generously bear witness. Glory to the ephemeral and incoherent. I believe in a utopic afterlife [beforelife and nowlife too] to give me hope and purpose.

BIO // Noël Vezina is a queer, interdisciplinary, dance and movement artist based in Montreal (Tiohtiá:ke / Mooniyang). Largely self taught, her process is highly intuitive and organic. Approaching performance as a tool to connect deeply, to herself and to others, her work often takes on ephemeral and intimate forms.

Noël’s latest accomplishments include: creating and performing How to say ‘longing’ with Jad Orphée Chami for the 2022 edition of RIPA, presenting Stardust and Parallax with Festival Quartiers Danses (2021), sharing a first version of a cloud, a distance (September 2020), creating We live together now – a video performance presented by Sanskar Festival (August 2020) and Festival Bouge D’ici (March 2021), and her ongoing collaboration with A Safer Space, initiated by Nicholas Bellefleur in 2019. 

Noël is one sixth of the winning team of the 2021 Dansathon in Liège, recognized for their imagining of ‘the future of dance’ through a new interactive performance experience The Living Room. They will continue questioning the place of technology in promoting embodiment soon, with the support of the Maison de la Danse de Lyon, Sadler’s Wells and the Théâtre de Liège.

​Noël strives to be radically soft, honest and vulnerable. She values not-knowing and never perfecting. To be kind and loving is essential.

Photo credit: em-p l’abbée