Alanna Kraaijeveld by David Wong, graphic by Ola P.
Alanna Kraaijeveld by David Wong, graphic by Ola P.

TAKING THE LEAP in a shifting landscape

For tomorrow’s dance makers
March 10, 2023

– In person!
2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.  followed by a 5@7 dance party!
Language: French and English
By donation

With the support of Big Bang, and the dance departments of Concordia University and UQÀM.
Space is limited!

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Open to recent graduates, self-taught choreographers and students, this gathering offers a space for exchange, while helping participants navigate a “post-pandemic” shape-shifting dance milieu.

Some of you have had few opportunities to practice your art in the “real world”; you may also be struggling to imagine your future. Concurrently, organizations and funding bodies are redefining who they are and how they work. Our intention is to provide some hope and understanding, as well as some tools to help you connect to the field –and to one another.

Please stick around after the event to meet the team during our late afternoon dance party 5@7 Sans Souliers



2 p.m. – Guest artists + your preoccupations
3 p.m. – Small group discussions
4:30 p.m. – Making sense together
+ 5 p.m. –  5@7 dance party!



◗ Dorian Nuskind Oder –
◗ Kim-Sanh Châu –
◗ Sovann Rochon Prom-Tep –
◗ Lucy May –
◗ Noël Vezina –



To get the most out of this event, please:
Read the introductory chapter  “Montreal” in our guide Taking the Leap﹥
– Listen to our four podcasts featuring conversations between artists and cultural workers
– Check out Re-tours: personal stories by Dana Michel, Virginie Brunelle, Mélanie Demers and others, about touring and how their careers got started.