Photo credit : Tristan Clairoux
Photo credit : Tristan Clairoux

KELLY KEENAN (MTL) & GUESTS — Movement Educator’s Forum: Readiness/Soyez prêt-es

Sept. 26 to 30, 2022 — 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.)
Services Québec rate: 85$
Non-Eligible Rate: 185$ 
Language of instruction: English and French
23 people
Open to artists of all disciplines

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CONTENT // The Movement Educator’s Forum is an event that invites local folks that lead movement practice to come together to exchange, reflect and re-inspire their teaching. Acknowledging that many of us address common themes, like relation to gravity, or the spiral, the MEF celebrates the unique ways that each of us engages with any one theme. This year’s MEF proposes “Readiness” as a launching pad to explore how different practitioners envisage and mobilize what it is to be, and to become, ready. With “readiness” we propose a pretty open term that could be used to describe agility, response-ability, or preparedness, but ultimately leaves space for a multifold of interpretations. Over the course of a week 5 teachers across fields of practice are invited to lead a movement class followed by a facilitator and peer lead discussion and experiential lab. Perhaps, by the end of the week our normalized ways of understanding what it is to be ready will be blasted open by the ways of others.

ACCESSIBILITY // While this workshop is unique in that it offers an occasion to engage in practice (rather than a round table discussion), it does not necessitate participation. It is intended for folks who teach movement or whom are interested in discourse around movement education. The theme “readiness” can be interpreted broadly, some practices may be physically vigorous, while others, not. There will be five different natures of practice offered.

BIO // Kelly Keenan is a Montreal based dance artist and teacher with a history of event organization. She has been teaching, in and outside of institutions, both locally and abroad for 15+ years. Her teaching celebrates movement based learning and dancing together. As a dancer, Kelly collaborates with several independent choreographers. As an event organizer, she’s the proud momma of the Movement Educator’s Forum, an event that budded in 2012 and has, to date, brought together 45+ teachers across fields of practice to exchange, reflect and re-inspire their teaching practices. Kelly is nearing the end of her MA at Concordia braiding together dance training, contemporary anatomy, feminist science studies and sensory anthropology.