Workshop Participant Engagement

Last update: May 12th, 2022
Our protocols will be regularly updated with the most recent health guidelines. If you have any questions in the meantime please be in touch.

Please note: these measures do not apply to workshops offered online.

By registering for a workshop, you agree to cancel your participation if you have symptoms, or think you have COVID-19. It is also your responsibility to notify Studio 303 if you have participated in an activity and test positive for COVID-19. Please consult the most recent government guidance on testing/isolating.

If after receiving a negative COVID-19 test result you would like to return to a workshop, please contact to determine the conditions of your return, according to your individual situation. (Please note that we may ask you to share your vaccination status or other pertinent info.)

Preparing to come to the studio

Mask-wearing. Studio 303 is a closed public space. We continue to recommend that renters and participants in our activities wear a mask.

• Although no longer legally required, masks remain an effective means of reducing risk of transmitting covid-19.
• Our community includes immunocompromised people who deserve to feel safe at the studio.
• Our community is also largely comprised of independent artists, who often rely on precarious contracts to make ends meet.

All to say, the possibility of contracting covid-19 is still a major concern for many folks we care for, and as always, our individual comfort levels may vary from others we share space with. If a teacher/artist prefers that participants wear masks, we will support them in that choice. Masks will be available in the studio for you if needed. Thank you for your care and understanding.

Clothing. If possible, arrive in comfortable clothing for movement, as our dressing room is small and poorly ventilated. There are designated areas for your belongings.
Registration and payment must be completed in advance.
– The vaccine passport is not required for professional workshops.


– Please arrive 15 minutes early. 
– Please disinfect your hands upon arrival.
– The workshop assistant will welcome you, equipped with a mask.
– Find a spot in the space 1 metre away from the others, and relax!

During the workshop

– Take breaks when you need them (rather than in a group).
– Avoid touching curtains, windows, switches, doors – ask the workshop assistant to do so.
– Don’t hesitate to share any concerns or discomfort you may feel. 

Navigating comfort zones

Our maximum capacity for workshops is 20 people in total, including the teacher and the workshop assistant, and we do not accept drop-in students.

Please try your best to maintain a distance of 1 meter from other participants. We realize this may be frustrating, but bear in mind that every individual has a different level of comfort and this needs to be honoured. Some questions to ask yourself:
– What is my comfort level in relation to physical distancing in the studio? In general? Today? 
– Do I need more information about the content of the workshop? 
– Am I comfortable being surprised by the teacher’s proposals?
– Do I need to get to know the participants in order to feel comfortable moving with them?
– What conversations am I willing to have with the workshop group?

We will put you in contact with your group if the teacher considers that there are activities that are more risky (sharing objects, moving quickly) or for other reasons.

Please read Studio 303’s COVID-19 Protocol, for more details about studio cleaning and our special measures.