Archives / Other Past Series (1993-2006)

Intimate Discussions (2005, 2008-2009)
Intimate Discussion events received renowned dance and interdisciplinary artists and speakers for informal discussions with local artists and members of the public for a relaxing 2-3 hours. In collaboration with héâtre La Chapelle.

Guests: Taylor Mac, Vanessa Van Durme, Martin Bélanger, Marie Brassard, Guy Cools and Sylvie Lachance.

Soirées Denses (1992-2003)
@ Studio 303
Soirées Denses took place every other year (since 1995) alongside Montreal’s renowned International Festival of New Dance (the F!ND). An intimate and inexpensive alternative to most F!ND shows, les soirées denses presented a programme of cutting-edge short choreographic works by local and out-of-town artists.

Artists: Suzanne Miller & Allan Paivio Productions, Line Nault , Mariko Tanabe, Motaz Kabbani, Crustacea (Japon), Romuald Luydlin, Magali Millian, Cori Caulfield, Erin Flynn, Deborah Dunn, MAPS, David McIntosh & Lee Su-Feh, Martin F. Bélanger, Sarah Williams, Martha Carter, Barbara Mahler, Martine Viale, Tammy Forsythe, Kelly Jean Starship, Mary Ann Lacey, Wilson Blakley, Andrew de L. Harwood, Benoît Lachambre, Tonja Livingstone, Pamela Newell, Lin Snelling, Michèle Bastien, Deborah Dunn, Rainer Wiens, Frank Lozano, Lydia Wagerer, Gerry Gradauer, Meg Wolfe, Dominique Porte, Caterina Bartha, Karen Bernard, Bagashree Vaze, David Parker, Janet Olex, Lee Anholt, Paul Caskey, Marc Boucher, Nathalie Morin, Réginald Ellis Crump, Sara Porter, Miriam Ginestier, Marta marta Danse, House of LaReign, K.O.X.

projet/projo (2001-2006, 4 editions)
projet/projo reunited filmmakers, videographers, performance, installation and interdisciplinary artists to present work in an innovative and site-specific way throughout the MAI building. Mini-projo, at Studio 303, featured an intimate exhibit and three in-theatre events (a screening and two performance programmes), involving the work of nearly thirty artists.

mini projo 2006
Dates: 10/02/2006 – 12/02/2006
Artists: Andreas Schimanski (Allemagne), Chris Flower, Christine Redfern, Dinka Pignon (BC), Emma Waltraud Howes, Jason Arsenault, Jonathan Inksetter, Matthew McInnis, Michael Stecky (ON), Risa Hatayama, Tedi Tafel, Val Desjardins, Virginie Laganière, Claudette Lemay, Ijosé Bénin (ON), Josianne Lapointe, Joe Hiscott, Michael Stecky (ON), Nicole Shimonek (MA), Sol Nagler, Yuiko Matsuyama (Japon), Daichi Saito, (Stephen Lawson & Aaron Pollard), Les Productions Nathalie Derome, George Stamos

projet/projo 2003
Dates: 21/05/2003 31/05/2003
Artists: Lesley Farley, Chanti Wadge, Deb VanSlet, Stephen O’Connell, Sonya Biernath, Mary Ann Lacey, Kathy Kennedy, Philip Hamelin, Patrick Bérubé, Mathieu Chartrand, Shauna Kennedy, Claudette Lemay, Jason Arsenault, Anne Troake, Sylvie Saint-Pierre, Mike Stecky, Ivana George, Patrick Bérubé, Evan Tapper, Anne Seagrave, Dinka Pignon, Anita Ponton, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Alexis O’Hara, Daniel Barrow, Stephen Lawson & Aaron Pollard

projet/projo 2002
Dates: 14/02/2002 15/02/2002 16/02/2002 17/02/2002
Artists: Sharon Paz, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Luc Boisclair, Lesley Farley, Tony Romano, Adad Hannah, Emily Heath, Flutura et Besnik Haxhillari, AE Lab, Machin-E, Janick Rousseau, Stephanie Butler, Jason Arsenault, Julie-Christine Fortier, Claudette Lemay, Sébastien Pesot, Sharon Paz, Alina Pentac, Michele Stanley, Anie Stanley, Jennifer Goodwin, John Boehme, Maryse Poulin, Stephen O’Connell

projet/projo 01
Dates: 30/03/2001 31/03/2001
Artists: Robin Dupuis, Rachel Echenberg, Lesley Farley, Julie-Christine Fortier, Karin Hazé, Gisèle Houde, Fabienne Lasserre, Lily Markiewicz, Stephen O’ Connell, Allan Paivio, Maryse Poulin, Jean Ranger, Sarah Abbott, Eve-Lucie Bourque, Alex Domingue, Robin Dupuis, Julie-Christine Fortier, Wayne Yung, Tammy Forsythe, John Porter, Maryse Poulin, Johnny Ranger

Home Show (1997-2004 – 3 editions)
The Home Show was a site-specific event, which placed the audience around a yet-to-be determined domestic setting, within which artists from various disciplines were invited to create work. In 1997, a Kitchen and then a Bedroom were brought to life by dancers and performance artists. In 1998, artists and public were crammed into a tiny bathroom followed by a spacious salon experience. In 1999, the event was revisited as “Home Movies” – a new dance experience involving celluloid, magnetic tape and the human body. In 2004, the event was taking place in the Study and the Corridor.

Home Show: The Study & The Corridor
20-21-22 February 2004 @ Studio 303
The Study: Andrew Brouse, Andrew Harwood, Marc Boucher, Sarah Febbraro, Dayna McLeod, Chanti Wadge
The Corridor: Alexis O’Hara, Andrew Harwood, Stephen Lawson & Aaron Pollard, Marc Boucher, Sarah Febbraro, Michel F. Côté & Catherine Tardif

Home Show: The Bathroom & The Living Room
18 April 1998 @ Studio 303
Bathroom: Stephen O’connel, Louise Dubreuil, Josée Tremblay, Annabel Soutar, Leah Raeven Vineberg, Sandra Pareteau, Nathalie Lebel, David René, Nathalie Robert, Manon Toupin, Nathalie Valiquette, John M. Watier
Livingroom: Rebecca Bogue, Marie-Anne Throborg, MaryAnn Lacey, Doug Scott, Louise Dubreuil, Josée Tremblay, Lina Cruz, Stephen O’Connell, Dave St-Pierre, Brigitte Soucy

Home Show: The Kitchen &  The Bedroom
19 April 1997 @ Studio 303
The Kitchen: Maryse poulin, Alexandre St-Onge, Nicholas Letarte, Andrew Harwood, Nadja Raabe
The Bedroom: Josée Tremblay, Christian Lafleur, Andrew Harwood, Bob Bergner, Alison Crawford, Brenna Cross, Alain Francoeur, Helga Guszner, Blair Neufeld, Sebastian Yeung, Marc Boucher, George Stamos, Gerry Gradauer, Leah Raeven Vineberg, Sandra Botnen, Mary-Ann Lacey

Noise from the Dark (1994-2004, 14 editions)
Devised by Paul Caskey, Noise from the Dark was an annual auditory experience that pushed the limits of imagination. Inspired by John Oswald’s PITCH series, Noise from the Dark has been presented at Studio during 10 ten years from 1994 to 2004. Submerged in TOTAL OBSCURITY, listeners were exposed to the creations of 8 to 10 selected artists.

Noise from the Dark # XIV
(November 19-20, 2004)
Alex MacSween, Nicolas Basque, Jim Bell , Christof Migone, L’Ensemble Mruta Mertsi , Alexis O’Hara , Bruno Pucella , Emmanuella St-Denis

Noise from the Dark # XIII
(November 2003)
Christof Migone, Jackie Gallant, Kathy Kennedy, Catherine Kidd, Allan Paivio, VERTICE (Andrew Watson & Nicolas Basque), Dayna McLeod & Michael Boyce, Katherine Liberovskaya & Jim Bell, Alexis O’Hara

Noise from the Dark # XII (November 22-23, 2002)

Central Dispatch, Alexis O’Hara, Rob Stephens, Patrick Dostie, Alexander Macsween, Michel F. Côté, Nikki Forrest, Dayna Macleod, Caroline Gagné, United States of Belt, Jackie Gallant, Caroline Oligny

Noise from the Dark # XI
(November 23-24, 2001)
Trio mine mine mine, Andrew Brouse, Josée Gagnon / Tim Dolla, Becky Foon, Shinji Ikari, Alexis O’Hara, Kieron Rhys Lillo, Aelab

Noise from the Dark # X
(November 24-25, 2000)

Jon Asencio, Slava Egorov, Alexis O’Hara, Alex Boutros, Alexander Macsween, Kaarla Sundstrom, François Girouard, Fred-Erik Sauvé, Simon Bélair, Léon Lo, Jean-François Michaud, Nathalie Derome, Shortwave Dave

Noise from the Dark # IX
(November 26-27, 1999)
Dayna Mcleod, Skidmore, Claude Dion, Eric Forget, Frédéric Paulhus, Alexandre Nunes, Sébastien Villard, Paul Grégoire, Denise Brend, Marie Lacourcière, André Fortin, Michel Lévesque, François C. Paradis, Alain Malo, Nathalie Noel

Noise from the Dark # VIII
(November 27-28, 1998)
Sensorband, Alexis O’Hara, Alexander MacSween, Andrew Brouse, Jerome Abramovitch, Jef Chippewa, Eric La Casa, Joséphine Knot, L’ensemble Mruta Mertsi

Noise from the Dark# VII
(November 28-29, 1997)
Jon Ascencio, Douglas Doherty, Eric Létourneau, Josée Tremblay, Alexander MacSween, Lisa (Leah Raeven) Vineberg, Annabel Soutar, Trisha Pope, Louise Dubreuil, Wanda Romer Taylor, Eric Da Silva, Sandra Wong, Bernard Dubreuil : Caravane

Noise from the Dark # VI
(November 22-23, 1996)
Amanda Aronczyk, Brit Besson, Sylvain Davio, Jean Daviault, André Pappathomas, Benoist, Foisy, Nicolas Letarte, Maryse Poulin, Josée Tremblay, Alexandre St-Onge, Alexander MacSween, Allan Paivio, Paul Caskey, Pete Stollery, UFO Research Group

Noise from the Dark # V
(April 26-27, 1996)
Brit Besson, Michael Boyce, Michael Century, Peter Conlin, Sandra Demetto, Petra Mueller, André Pappathomas, Claude Schryer, Peter Stollery

Noise from the Dark # IV
(December 1-2, 1995)
Joelle Ciona, Jean Routhier, Thomas Gorwin, Christof Migone, Sarah Peebles, Gue Schmidt, Maxime Rioux, Casey Roberts, Richard Windeyer

Noise from the Dark # III
(March 31st & April 1st, 1995)
Martin Tétrault, Maxime Rioux, Neil Wiernik, Luc Fortin, Allan Paivio, Maryse Poulin, Diane Labrosse, Kathy Kennedy

Noise from the Dark # II
(March 18-19, 1994)
Dostie-Pappathomas, Daniel Leduc, Boris Chassagne, Steve Montambault, Fortner Anderson, Charles Venne, Gabrielle Kemeny, Christof Migone, Les Barons du Basson

Noise from the Dark # I
(January 14-15, 1994)
Kathy Kennedy, Joelle Ciona, Bruce Gottlieb, Gaétan Leboeuf, Neil Wiernik, Allan Paivio, Christof Migone, Gisèle Poulin, Julian Kytasty, Robert Bergner, Jeremy Weichsel

FA3 (1999-2003)
3 editions @ Studio 303 and Tangente
This international performance art festival was an original idea of Josée Tremblay. Studio 303 collaborated with FA3 as partner for 3 editions.

Artists: Monty Cantsin (Toronto), Ma Liuming (China), Marie-Claire Cordat, Cyrill LePetit and John Eggesboe (Norway).

Cabarets (1993-1999)
Our 7 fundraising cabarets took place at Studio 303 at the Fondation Jean Pierre Perrault church (pre-renovation), at the Lion d’Or and at the Cabaret Juste Pour Rire.

Cabaret : 10 ans! (03/07/1999)
@ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire
Nathalie Morin, Nathalie Claude, Miriam Ginestier, Kim McCraw, Alyson Vishnovska, Annabelle Chvostek, George Stamos, Suzanne Miller & Allan Paivio, Leanne Dyer, Annie Martin, Marie-Claude Pratte, Marc Boucher, Mariko Tanabe, Louis Guillemette, Sandra Parenteau, Nathalie Valiquette, Rachel Harris, Martha Carter, Jodee Allen, K8 Alsterlund, Lauren Degilio, Claudia Fancello, Kelly Jean Starship, Suzanne Lemoine, Isabelle Villeneuve, Dominique Quesnel, Mireille Leblanc, Brigitte Poupart, Sylvie Moreau.

Cabaret : Rococo à gogo (20/03/1996)
Marc Boucher, Bruce Gottlieb, Edward Fuller, Gisèle Houle, Sandra Botnen, Louise Moyes, Gerry Gradauer, Martha Carter.

Cabaret : À sucre (22/04/1994)
Gerry Gradauer, David Bata, Juerga Flamenca, Gisèle Poulin, Jeremy Weichsel, Christine Daniel, Joelle Ciona, Ciao Johnny, DJ Bâh, Denis Beaulieu, Bruce Gottlieb, Cha Cha Da Vinci.

Cabaret : À la coque (28/01/1994)
Jeremy Weichsel, Cha Cha Da Vinci, Hetty King, Gaétan Leboeuf, Massimo Agostinelli, Edward Fuller, Nathalie Derome, Martha Carter, Michael Sterling, Mike Webber, Gerry Gradauer.

Cabaret : En fût (06/06/1993)
Nathalie Derome, Andrew de L. Harwood, Karla Kartoon, André Chouinard, Kathy Kennedy, Robert Bergner, Mike Webber, Trace Sitter, David McGoran, Johnny O’Neil, Michael Powers, Maryse Poulin, Laura Taler, Roman Rhodes, Joellen Housego, Serge Dubuc.

Cabaret : Spring Loaded (27/03/1993)
Patricia Venegaz, Andrew de L. Harwood, Trace Sitter, Louise Moyes, Karla Kartoon, Angela DiLauro, David Bata, Louis Guillemette, Michael Sterling, Jeremy Weichsel, Darren Siegesmund, Mike Webber, Maryse Poulin.

Cabaret : Filtré à froid (30/01/1993)
Guylaine Paul, Stephan Silver, Denise Brend, Sonya Delwaide, Kathy Kennedy, Marc Boucher, Suzanne Miller & Allan Paivio, Darren Siegesmund, Kevin Segal, Lin Snelling, Michael Reinhart, Alexia Bhéreur, Nathalie Morin, Julia Cain, Mike Webber, Michel Guy, Lee Schnaiberg, David Bata, Jennifer Piedmont, Guillaume Ste-Marie, Kelly Jean Starship.