Joao Mereilles

TADASHI ENDO (DEU) — Butoh-Ma workshop

June 3 to 7, 2019 – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.), break from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. – FULL
$150 with the support of *Emploi-Québec (or $290, non-eligible rate)
No drop-ins
Open to artists of all disciplines / In English
Capacity: 25 people, priority for full week attendance

Tadashi Endo, student of the great butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno, has developed his own way of dance which he calls “Butoh-MA”. When Tadashi is teaching, it is not only hard warming up, improvisations and choreographic work, he also tries to give a deep view into the Butoh philosophy and shares with participants the thoughts of Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata and about their lives as “butoist”. But he always tries to let the students search for their own Butoh. Like Kazuo Ohno says, everybody can dance Butoh, maybe not the Japanese Butoh, but everybody can find his/her own movements in the sense of Butoh. To succeed in this research you need emptiness so that new ideas and new imaginations with new patterns of movements can grow in your mind and in your body. Butoh-MA is the way to make the invisible visible. A minimum of movements lets the expression of feelings and images grow to their highest intensity. It is more important to keep the balance between energy, tension and control than to care for the esthetic of the movements. “The dancer shall not dance – but should be danced.”

Tadashi Endo, Butoh-dancer, choreographer, director of the Butoh-Centre MAMU and artistic director of the Butoh-Festivals MAMU Butoh & Jazz in Göttingen embodies in the truest sense of that word the wisdom of both, the Western and Oriental dance and theatre traditions. After his study as a theatre director at the famous Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna, he performed in collaboration with jazz musicians. In 1989, he met Kazuo Ohno who already then realized a deep relationship between Endo’s dance and the Butoh-dance. Since then Tadashi Endo developed his movements to that esthetic and expressive dance, as you can see today. His dance is like a synthesis of theatre, performance and dance, Tadashi Endo succeeds to express the field of tension between ying and yang, male and female and their everlasting alteration. He is the master of being “in between”, that is Butoh-MA.

All workshops are for professional performing artists. Some require advanced dance training.

Registration – Please contact (514) 393-3771 or at To reserve your spot, please pay at least 2 weeks before the start of the workshop.

Payments – By check, cash, Paypal or credit card on the phone or in person ($1 to $2 fee)

Reimbursement policy– No reimbursement possible without a good reason (ex: sickness or injury).

*Emploi-Québec – With the support of Emploi-Québec. In order to get this rate, participants must be Canadian citizens or permanent resident and live in Québec. Full-time students and social assistance beneficiaries are not eligible to this rate. In case of inadmissibility, you can refer to the non-eligible rate, contact us for questions.

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