Photo credit: Bouchra Assou


PROJECT // métamorphose

métamorphose is an experimental dance film that tells the story of a possession; this project utilises dance, music and colour to explore concepts of dispossession, trauma and healing as embodied phenomena. Building upon my lived physical experience, my memory and culture, I imagined a story which could be danced: three jinns (angels, genies or spirits), each a different colour, take possession of a human body; a dance emerges between the human and the jinns. Crossing a silent city, the four bodies tame each other in a game of movement and transform the human into an unknown creature. Through each space, a collective movement takes shape from earth to sky, culminating in the chaotic creation of balance from life.

Photo credit: Marouane

BIO // Born in Casablanca, Morocco and based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, Gaïa Guenoun is an emerging multidisciplinary artist whose work encompasses multiple artistic practices, including performance, dance, poetry and cinema. Trained as a neuroscientist and a researcher, Gaïa is profoundly led by their curiosity – their approach to art is equally rooted in the study of their culture and history and in a transdisciplinary process of research and exploration. In 2020, they co-created Dhakira Collective, a digital archive and curatorial project highlighting and celebrating global arts, cinema and music. Gaïa identifies as non-binary and Amazigh.