Photo credit: Bettina Neuhaus

SUSANNA HOOD (MTL) — Open Source Forms with Improvisation and Creative Process

Sept. 21 to 25, 20209:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.)
$75 with the support of *Emploi-Québec (or $180, non-eligible rate)
Open to artists of all disciplines / Bilingual teacher
Capacity: 13 people

By registering for a workshop, you agree to cancel your participation if you have symptoms or suspect you may have COVID-19. Please read the Participant Engagement before registering. Thank you!


CONTENT // This series of five progressive classes focuses on the introductory-level Open Source Forms material fluidly expanded from Joan Skinner’s Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), further developed by Stephanie Skura and then adapted by Susanna to meet the specific needs of the participants. If we consider Open, Source, and Form as verbs instead of nouns, we can approach the class as an opportunity for opening; sourcing or resourcing; and un-forming to reform or to find new forms. In this way, the work is made of the same stuff as creative process and prepares us to access more complex layers of our creativity. To this end, supported by the groundwork of OSF, each class will include the exploration of scores for improvisation that employ movement, writing, drawing, and (due to COVID restrictions) some minimal vocal work in the form of speaking and sounding. Some basic guiding principles and intentions include: the movement of physical energy can travel fluidly across modes of expression (movement, sound, language, image); any task or score is only the map for a physical experiencing that reveals the territory to be discovered and developed.

BIO // Performer and creator in dance and music, Susanna Hood has developed a unique body of work that draws on an integration of movement, voice, live music, and theatre. Currently working independently in Montreal, she was the Artistic Director of hum, a Toronto-based interdisciplinary performance company from 2000 to 2013. Susanna Hood has been teaching and coaching individuals and groups in voice and movement integration since 1999 and has taught Improvisation, Creative Process, and Composition at the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre and l’Ecole de Danse Contemporain de Montréal respectively. Since 2013, she works as a teacher trainer in Open Source Forms (OSF). In collaboration with fellow artist, Sarah Bild, Susanna is the co-director of La Poêle, a studio space in Montreal, dedicated to supporting research, creation, and exploration. //

We invite artists who identify as belonging to marginalized communities (of all generations, cultural backgrounds, artistic practices, abilities) to participate in this workshop. Please contact us to receive a welcome adapted to your needs.

All workshops are for professional performing artists. Some require advanced dance training. There is a regular rate, and a rate subsidized by Emploi-Québec.

Who has to pay the full rate (regular)?
– People residing outside of Montreal Island
– Full-time or foreign students

To benefit from the subsidized rate by Emploi-Québec, you must:
– Live on the island of Montreal (civic address)
– Be an artist or cultural professional
– Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or temporary foreign worker with a work permit (open or closed)

Are accepted: Part-time students, Employment Insurance (EI) or Income Assistance (IA) recipients (please notify your agent at Services Canada or MTESS).

Reimbursement policy – No reimbursement possible without a good reason (ex: sickness or injury).

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