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We Dream Better Together — La Pieuvre

Saturday February 10th 2024

— 12 :00 p.m.- 5 :00 p.m. @ Studio 303
Language: French and English
Open to all
Event produced by La Pieuvre, and presented as an independent production at Studio 303

On request, a childcare service will be offered free of charge in the adjacent office – Please contact us at  before Monday, February 5th 2024 at 9am.


We dream better together is an event hosted by La Pieuvre, a collective of independent dance artists with friends and allies and its realization is possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

La Pieuvre invites 20 participating artists into a marathon five hour bilingual collective grant writing performance. The grant (addressed to Canada Council for the Arts) will be to collectively dream and develop a 100-year series of workshops (2024-2124) to build equitable and inclusive ways to make dances, working conditions and new forms of performance.

The public is invited to add their input during the event. 

This event propulsed by Angie Cheng, Shérane Figaro, Marie Claire Forté, k.g. Guttman, Katya Montaignac and Hanna Sybille Muller is the result of an idea originally conceived by Brice Brice Noeser, Enora Rivière and Katya Montaignac.

La Pieuvre (The Octopus) is a sprawling space for reflection on the value of art in society, La Pieuvre is a collective of independent dance artists, fostering collective thinking. 

Through its workshops, La Pieuvre set out to deconstruct the neoliberal language of grant application forms, in particular the award criteria related to merit, artistic excellence and a project’s impact. La Pieuvre then shared its reflections with the arts councils of the three levels of government, before writing an open letter published in Le Devoir and organizing a public debate entitled How to evaluate art-ist? during the FTA 2021.

Conversation excerpts (video produced by Edith Brunette in 2021)
Polyphonic text about “impact of the project on the development of your work or career”

We Dream Better Together — La Pieuvre