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The Vernissage-danse series has been presented from 1989 to May 2009.
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Vernissage-danse #145: Games (23/05/2009 at 7pm & 9pm)
Serious play, playful prey, social games, logic games.

Kati Åberg (Finland)
Emily Gualtieri
Maya Lewandowsky
Suzanne Miller
Aurélie Pedron

Vernissage-danse #144: Big Apple (18/04/2009 at 7pm & 9pm)
Featuring three New York artists and two local artists.

Valerie Buddle
Jil Guyon (NDA/NY)
Jessica Morgan (NDA/NY)
Dorian Nuskind-Oder (NDA/NY)
Alexandra «Spicey» Landé

Vernissage-danse #143: Live! (21/02/2009 at 7pm & 9pm)
Nothing is hidden, we see everything! Musicians on stage, sound created by the performers, no magic trying to hide anything, no theatrical technology…

Mathieu Campeau
Jody Hegel
Andrew Tay
Sarah Wendt
Sarah Bild / Susanna Hood

Vernissage-danse #142 : Ground (24/01/2009 at 7pm & 9pm)
Groundedness, a sense of the earth, to grind a gem from rock, a sense of gravity and rebound, percussive footwork, bare feet or not…

K8 Alsterlund/Luca Patuelli
Johanna Bienaise/Anne-Sophie Rouleau
Owen Chapman/Clara Furey
Nancy Gloutnez
Roger Sinha/Magdalena Noweka

Vernissage-danse #141 : Generations (15/11/2008 at 7pm & 9pm)
Inter-generational collaborations, artists working on questions of age, ancestral body memory, historical revivals…

Karen Bernard (NY)
Eryn Dace Trudel
Leigh Evans (NY)
Meena Murugesan
Ginette Laurin (video)

Vernissage-danse #140: Emerging (12/09/2008 at 8pm, 13/09/2008 at 7pm & 9pm)
Our yearly showcase of artists creating work in our summer residency.

Jessica Serli
«The Choreographers» (Katie Ward, Thea Patterson, Peter Trosztmer, Audrée Juteau)

Vernissage-danse #139 : Dirt (10/05/2008 at 8:30pm)
This evening will explores the theme of dirt in all its possible meanings.

Marie Béland
George Stamos
Myriam Tremblay
Marianne Desjardins
SASASA: Rae Bowhay & Martin Trudel

Vernissage-danse #138 : Big Apple (12/04/2008 at 8:30pm)
This evening will highlights American artists participating in our exchange with the New Dance Alliance in New York.

Ryan Migge (NY-NDA)
Katy Orthwein (NY-NDA)
Sasha Welsh (NY-NDA)
Chantal Lamirande
Alyson Wishnousky

SASASA: Rae Bowhay & Martin Trudel

Vernissage-danse #137 : Boxes (16/02/2008 at 8:30pm)
A tribute to imprisonment, limits, restricted movements, explosion, discontinuance and need of transgression.

Leyya Tawil
Emma Howes
Silvy Panet-Raymond
Geneviève Gagné / Emily Honneger
Propeller Dance : Jen Renata Soutter, Shara Weaver, Alan Shain

Vernissage-danse #136 : Nude (19/01/2008 at 8:30pm)
Movement stripped down to its essence, the studio stripped down to its underwear : no lighting or sound supplied. Video excerpt:

Julia Male
Louis Turcotte
Sasha Kleinplatz
Sudeshna Maulik
PME-ART : Caroline Dubois, Claudia Fancello, Jacob Wren

Vernissage-danse #135 : Movement in Slang (17/11/2007 at 8:30pm & 10:30pm)
Celebration of marginal with choreographies, which will make raise street dance on stage.

Newton Moraes
K8 Alsterlund
Victor Quijada
Dana Michel
Marjolayne Auger
David Albert-Toth

Vernissage-danse #134 : Emerging (14-15/09/2007)
A journey through visual memory and the surreal logic of dreams.

Still Collective : Aretha Aoki, Vanessa Anspaugh, Ava Berkofsky
Jacques Poulin-Denis

Vernissage-danse #133 : Love/Hate Duets (24/02/2007 at 8:30pm)
Opposite and same sex duets, duets with an imaginary partner, duets with your shadow.

Andrew Forster
Jody Hegel & Hannah Dorosio
Sarah Van’t Hul (NY-NDA)
Eryn Dace Trudell
Jenn Goodwin (ON) – video

Vernissage-danse #132 : Unplugged (20/01/2007 at 8:30pm)
Acoustic dancing: A back to basics studio-style showing.

Frédérick Gravel
Aimée Dawn Robinson (ON)
Line Nault
Deborah Dunn
Mariko Tanabe

Vernissage-danse #131 : Death (21/10/2006 at 8:30pm)
Think fall, aging, introspection, night, death/rebirth, the living dead…

Hinda Essadiqui
Jean-Sébastien Lourdais
Norma Araiza
Jolene Bailie
Chanti Wadge (video)

Vernissage-danse #130 : Emerging (15-16-17/09/2006)
The selected choreographers for the 8th summer residencies presented their new creations.

Dominique Bouchard
Catherine Castonguay

Vernissage-danse #129 (10/06/2006 at 8:30pm)

Tanya Crowder (ON)
Daviel Linehan / Michael Helland (NDA)
Marie-Julie Asselin
Benjamin Read
Maria Kefirova

Vernissage-danse #128 (13/05/2006 at 8:30pm)

Caroline Laurin-Beaucage
Aviva Geismar (NY- NDA)
Mariko Tanabe
Bill Coleman
Marie France Forcier

Vernissage-danse #127 (18/02/2006 at 8:30pm)

Josée Gagnon
Andréa Dugas-Hawkes
Andrew Tay
Chantal Lamirande
Dean Makarenko

Vernissage-danse #126 (21/01/2006 at 8:30pm)

Patricia Iraola
Maxine Heppner
Gabrielle Lamb
Tony Olivares
Julie Duguay

Vernissage-danse #125 (10/10/2005 at 8:30pm)

Barbara Mahler (USA)
Leigh Evans (USA)
Julie Lebel
Dana Michel
Maurice Fraga

Vernissage-danse #124 (19/11/2005 at 8:30pm)

Livia Daza-Paris
Tracy McNeil
Mirah Moriarty
Lucie Carmen Grégoire
Reena Almoneda-Chang

Vernissage-danse #123 (16-17-18/09/2005)

Marie Béland
Karen Guttman

Vernissage-danse #122 (14/05/2005 at 8:30pm)

Nathalie Lebel
Jamie Merwin
Lesley Farlow
Roberta Cooper/Sara Hanley
Sandra Botnen

Vernissage-danse #121 (19/02/2005 at 8:30pm)

Ilona Dougherty, winner of the 2004 Fringe prize
Thea Patterson
Myriam Tremblay
Ismaël Mouaraki
Shelley Talbot

Vernissage-danse #120 (22/01/2005 at 8:30pm)

The Bang Group (NY)
Nicolas Basque & Caroline Laurin-Beaucage
Teoma Naccarato
Marie-Josée Chartier / Jolene Bailie
Christiane Bourget
Jennifer Setsuko Lee

Vernissage-danse #119 (11/12/2004 at 8:30pm)

Michelle Zitomer
Frédéric Marier
Shandoah Goldman
Lainie Towell
Tobias Lange

Vernissage-danse #118 (13/11/2004 at 8:30pm)

Hinda Essadiqi
Chris Cawthray / Arwyn Carpenter
Manuel Roque
Marie-Josée Chartier / Jolene Bailie
Aparna Sindhoor
+ special appearance by Tracy McNeil

Vernissage-danse #117 (24-25-26/09/2004 at 8:30pm)

Namchi Bazar
Frédéric Gravel

Vernissage-danse #116 (05/06/2004 at 8:30pm)

Marie Béland
Moving Theater (NDA)
Nina Galea
Geneviève Lechasseur
Miki Nishida

Vernissage-danse #115 (20/03/2004 at 8:30pm)

Catherine Jodoin
Best Before Tomorrow (V.F.)
Kay Nishikawa
George Stamos

Vernissage-danse #114 (24/01/2004 at 8:30pm)

Florence Figols
Susanna Hood
Marianna Thorborg
Iris Van Peppen
Gloria McLean (New York)

Vernissage-danse #113 (13/12/2003 at 8:30pm)

Louis Guillemette
Louise Moyes
Maureen Shea
Andreea Tànàsescu

Vernissage-danse #112 (15/11/2003 at 8:30pm)

Lin Snelling
Leigh Evans
Helen Simoneau
Hitoshi Miyamoto
Jolene Bailie

Vernissage-danse #111 (27-28/09/2003)

Tracy McNeil
Andrew Tay
Sacha Kleinplatz

Vernissage-danse #110 (14/06/2003 at 8:30pm)

Alejandra Martorell
David Flewelling
Katie Ewald
Mélanie Demers
Caroline Gravel

Vernissage-danse #109 (26/04/2003 at 8:30pm)

Leslie Baker
Jesica Runge
Miki Nishida
Mollie O’Brien
Katie Ward

Vernissage-danse #108 (22/02/2003 at 8:30pm)

Newton Moraes
Meagan O’Shea
Marie-Julie Asselin
Jordi Ventura Fabra
Dean Makarenko

Vernissage-danse #107 (25/01/2003 at 8:30pm)

Sonya Biernath
Deborah Dunn
Rachel Harris
Maya Ostrofsky
Motaz Kabbani
Sally Morgan
Louise Moyes

Vernissage-danse #106 (14/12/2002 at 8:30pm)

Julie Lebel
Lin Snelling
Michael Reinhart
Sarah Febbraro
Elisabetta Vittoni
Cori Caulfield

Vernissage-danse #105 (16/11/2002 at 8:30pm)

Lin Snelling
Michael Reinhart
Thea Patterson
Ziyian Kwan
John Ottmann
Zoja Smutny
Kunie Suzuki

Vernissage-danse #104 (19/10/2002 at 8:30pm)

Tere O’Connor
Bill Coleman
Laurence Lemieux
Lin Snelling
Tony Olivares

Vernissage-danse #103 (29-30/09/2002 )

Erin Flynn
Hinda Es-Sadiqi
Anna Bozzini
Ami Shulman

Vernissage-danse #102 (08/06/2002 at 8:30pm)

Sam Kim
Caroline Barrière
Annie-Claude Coutu-Geoffroy
Sarah Hanley
Claudia Moore

Vernissage-danse #101 (11/05/2002 at 8:30pm)

Hélène Blackburn
Rhonda Cooper
Nami Yamamoto
K8 Alsterlund
Marie-Julie Asselin
Shandoah Goldman

Vernissage-danse #100: petites vites (12-13/04/2002)

Mary Ann Lacey
Mylene Pelletier
Suzanne Miller
Mariko Tanabe
Sarah Hanley
Sarah Febbraro
Martin F. Bélanger
Martha Carter
Marc Boucher
Line Nault
Sandra Parenteau
Sonya Biernath
Tammy Forsythe
Maria Kefirova
Victor Quijada
Sara Wiskar
Nathalie Claude
Lin Snelling
Miriam Ginestier

Vernissage-danse #99 (19/01/2002)

Susan Elliott
Julie Gagnon
Eva Asselin
Jordi Ventura-Fabra
Sonya Biernath
Paolo Santos
Gillian Kirkland
Lydia Wagerer
Peter Trosztmer

Vernissage-danse #98 (15/12/2001)

Marc Boivin
Helen Walkley
Barbara Mahler
Pamela Newell
Nathalie Démaretz

Vernissage-danse #97

Nika Stein
Julie Pilon
Karine Cloutier
Irma Bélanger-Laberge
Karine Desrochers
Joëlle Charest
Luis Lara Malvacias & Jeremy Nelson
Fiona Marcotty
Erik Kaiel

Vernissage-danse #96

Sarah Febraro
Jamie Wright
Maya Ostrofsky
Katie Ward
Nadia Pasqua
Manon Desrosiers
Julie-Anne Coté
Amanda Wurts

Vernissage-danse #95 (09/06/2001)

Sigal Bergman
Martin Bernier
Peter James
Nathalie Lebel
Meg Wolfe

Vernissage-danse #94 (12/05/2001)

Lisa Carrier
Caroline Gravel
Chantale Binette
Dany Fortin
Alexandre Parenteau
Maryline St-Sauveur
Ségolène Marchand
Carmen St-Cyr
Lisa Fortin
Isabelle Greaves
Julie Papin
Luciani Pinto
George Stamos
Antonja Livingstone
Athena Malloy

Vernissage-danse #93 (17/03/2001)

Julie Duzyk
Cheri Pyne
Tony Olivares
Lê Minh Tâm
Karine Massicotte-Denault
Caroline Laurin-Beaucage
Isabel Mohn
Isabelle Marcotte

Vernissage-danse #92 (17/02/2001)

Sandrine Vachon
Heather Kirk
Jamie Wright
Isabel Mohn

Vernissage-danse #91 (20/01/2001)

Louise Moyes
Malgorzata Nowacka
Tim Spronk
Barbara Glazai
William Young
Sonya Stefan
Darren Bonin
Kirsten Pollard
Joelle Arnusch
Sonya Biernath
Jordi Ventura-Fabra
Josée Gagnon

Vernissage-danse #90 (16/12/2000)

Joëlle Charest
Sara Porter
Chantal Yzermans
Marianne Thorborg

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