Photo credit: Collectif NU.ES


PROJECT // When the snow melts between my thighs

A woman (Juliette), two non-binary people (Myriam and Guillaume), a man (Jonathan) and a trans boy (Adam) undertake a simultaneous, individual and collective exploration of their eroticisms. Driven by an impulse fuelled by excitement and tension, they seek to understand and overcome the internalized oppressions in their eroticism, with the ambivalent desire to let go in order to regain power over their fantasies. They present their intimate and political reflections as marginal subjects of the collective unconscious, while unfurling their bodies in a raw and vicarious performative research.

This research-creation is hybrid and transdisciplinary. It is composed of tableaux that succeed each other as stages of deconstruction and reconstruction of erotic imaginary. Through this constant back and forth between the intimate and the political, the project aims to decolonize our eroticism, with no other limit than that of consent. Six people are working on the creation of this project, and all of them are emerging artists and members of the 2SLGBTQIPAA+ community.

BIO // The NU.E.S Collective is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating interdisciplinary and contemporary performance pieces about the diversity of bodies, intimacies, and eroticisms. It brings together artists who are passionate about these subjects and who are committed to exploring them from Queer and sex-positive perspectives. Its artistic mission is to create and develop art that questions norms of identity, relationships and aesthetics, art that is both intimate and political.

It was founded in 2019, and is now co-directed by artists Juliette Pottier Plaziat, Maude Choquet Blanchette, and Myriam Foisy. In addition to its official launch (June 2019), the collective has participated in various events such as the Montreal Erotic Art Market (2019, 2020), and the vernissage Théosexual: spiritual porn (2019). The collective is currently working on a franco-québécois project for its first original creation: When the snow melts between my thighs (working title), as well as on mediation workshops that combine art and sexual education.

Photo credit: Collectif NU.ES