photo credit: Sammy Chien
photo credit: Sammy Chien


PROJECT // Post-Clown Compass

In the Post-clown Compass, I hope that something of our inter-relationality will become material when our navigational senses are engaged in noticing and feeling through the coexistence of our divergent art-making trajectories. Can we create a site where many drivers of action generate a shimmering source of knowledge?

Post-clown strategy invites variations of chaos in the excess of unexpected practices encountering one another in non-linguistic ways. Using the body as a resource for understanding, Post-clown Compass makes space for the decomposition and synthesis of parts of identities. 

This is an Alter-objective (e.g. non-goal-based) research that invites an interdisciplinary mix of artists into a co-working thinking-moving-space wherein each artist follows their own unique stream of physical research while we collectively support one another in our arrival. Layers of the process will be lost and forgotten. Handmade traces will document frames of awareness and gaps in understanding.

BIO // lo bil (she-her) is a Toronto-based second-generation-settler and queer performance artist who experiments with making once-performed risky-heart performances involving spontaneous utterance, impulse-based scores and inter-relational proposals with audience. 

Photo credit : Johann Louw

lo has performed at 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, AGO First Thursdays, Luminato online, Rhubarb!, Summerworks, Fringe, Nuit Blanche, Duration & Dialogue, p.s. We Are All Here, LADA DIY (UK), Pi*llOry and at academic conferences in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Chicago, Mexico City, Vienna and Amsterdam. lo is a Kathy Acker award recipient, a winner of FADO Live Art Award at Summerworks Performance Festival and has received Ontario Arts Council and Chalmers Professional Development funding. 

lo teaches performance art at Sheridan College; movement for actors at Toronto Film School; and has created guest artist facilitations at Toronto Dance Theatre, Centre de Creation O Vertigo, Concordia University, University of Toronto, Toronto Dance Community Love-in and for School of the Alternative in North Carolina.


Collaborators: Angie Cheng, Justin De Luna, Chad Dembski, Lucy Fandel, Karen Fennell, Ellen Furey, Paule Gilbert, Chloe Lum, Michael Martini, Suzanne Miller, Aaron Richmond, Victoria Stanton, Sylvie Tourangeau, Wendt+Dufaux, Christopher Willes.