Mini Q — Queer Gathering

Saturday April 13 2024

— 5:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m
Inscription requise :
20 $ (+ contributions) via Zeffy
Langue: Anglais et Français

Growing from Studio 303’s Queer Performance Camp, Mini Q is budding this spring 🌱 Mini Q is a one-day gathering that emerges from the ongoing desire to queerly belong; to celebrate alternative queer forms of being and relating to the world we live in.

Through queer erotics, Mini Q is an invitation to nurture intimacy at a community level, to care, to listen deeply, to cultivate grief and desire from the roots up to seek light.

Queers, friends, allies & those questioning: let’s gather at Studio 303 for two workshops and a performance. Come as you are!

With the support of Caisse de la Culture Desjardins.

Jess — Erotic Grief Ritual

Moe — Inside Out – Unearthing Fertile Voice

INTIME: collective creation

Jess — Erotic Grief Ritual | Saturday, April 13 — 5pm to 6:30pm (please arrive 10 min early)

The workshop will be facilitated in English

A space to share and reflect on our erotic selves through drawing/journaling prompts and a communal ritual to honour the grief around our desires. The ritual will include the invitation to move, breathe, voice, and touch in ways that feel pleasurable.

Jess (she/her) is a Somatic Sex Educator based out of Tiohtià:ke/Montreal who focuses on body-based practices of pleasure, desire, and consent through 1:1 guided explorations, bodywork, and group workshops. She delights in weaving nature-based enchantment into her work while ritualizing life and death, pleasure and grief. Jess sees the body as a portal to personal and collective transformation.

INTIME: collective creation  | Saturday, April 13 — 6:40pm to 7:20 pm

A queer utopia where the diversity of intimacy is celebrated without hierarchy. Armed with a radical vision of friendship, the 6 performers offer a series of performative scenes that traverse their fantasies of intimacy. Wrestling, secrecy, tickling, slapping, sex, laughter: to each their own frenzy.

The collectif Post-Pistoles is a trans-regional collective formed around the production of Post-Pistoles, an erotic, edgy and queer performance cabaret in Trois-Pistoles. Its members are also part of the NU.E.S, Aranéide and Post-Plottes collectives. For this first collective creation, they worked with tools derived from BDSM practices and ritual to create transformative and thrilling performative experiences. 

The collective is formed by Myriam Foisy, Dylan Lafontaine, Laurence Lallier (Toni Timine), Caro Morcos, Juliette Pottier-Plaziat and Adèle Raux-Copin.

Moe — Inside Out – Unearthing Fertile Voice | Saturday, April 13 — 7:30pm to 9pm (please arrive 10 min early)

The workshop will be primarily facilitated in English, but Moe is fluent in French.

Through deep listening, guided breath work and vocal improvisation, we explore levels of resonance within our bodies to unearth succulent, dirty, fertile territories of vocal expression. Together, we raise personal and collective vibration to liberate more capacity for release, for tenderness, and for eco-erotic enjoyment in a playful intimate container.

âpihtawikosisâniskwêw (Métis / mixed settler) multidisciplinary artist Moe Clark is a 2Spirit singing thunderbird. Working across disciplines of vocal improvisation, sound design, spoken word poetry and performance creation, Moe creates work that centres embodied knowledge, Indigenous futurities, and creative kinship.