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Wednesday 7:45 pm – 9 pm

Spring: April 3 to May 15, 2024 (7 classes)

$25 per class
$70 for a 4-class card* (valid 30 days)
$100 for the whole season membership (until May 15)
* -20% discount for first membership
Payment: paulinagrocho@gmail.com
Class in English

REGISTRATION > paulinagrocho@gmail.com

The mask could be mandatory for some activities as an accessibility measure for our teachers or participants. For more information, click here.

Heal yourself through movement and meditation. Dance Meditation is a transformative 75-minute journey that fuses dance and meditation to awaken your true self. Drawing inspiration from Hatha and Tantra Yoga philosophies, the practice invites you into a dynamic exploration of body, mind, and spirit through movement, breath and meditation. But unlike asanas in yoga, Dance Meditation allows more freedom. It revitalizes dormant energy, frees internal struggles, and emotions held captive within the body. That allows each student to find their own path to pursue harmony.

The practice works on the subtle bodies, giving space for inner strength, tranquility, and joy through guided dance improvisation and holistic practices. Each session ends with a 15-minute meditation or Nidra, deepening your self-connection. To conclude: Dance your truth. Meditate your essence. 

People with no experience in dance, yoga or meditation are welcome.

Each class is different and works on one specific topic (grounding, chakra, emotion etc.).

There is music in the background. It might be tranquil or more dynamic.

The teacher offers gentle verbal instructions, and demonstrations, creating an atmosphere of self-exploration rather than obligation.

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to move – every motion is a step toward healing. Studio space is a sanctuary, free of judgment, dedicated to safety.

Occasionally, you can encounter partner or group practices, voice exercises, writing tasks, jumping.

People with disabilities are welcome to join and dance within their own limitations. 

Engaging with energy varies – some find it easy, others challenging. If something doesn’t resonate with you, gracefully set your boundary.

Throughout the journey, students are allowed to pause – for water, rest, or personal needs. 

In the studio we all share the responsibility to co-create a safe environment leading to harmony and freedom.

Students might use pillows or yoga mats for the final meditation/Nidra. There are few mats in the studio but you are invited to bring your own for more hygiene and comfort.

Paulina Grochowska (she/her) is a polish artist, dancer and yoga teacher living in Montreal since 2021. Her background in dance, performance art, yoga, meditation among others, helps her to create healthy exploration of the body with care and support. Her journey has been led through workshops with: Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez), Milan Kozanek (Contact Improvisation), Ohad Naharin (GAGA technique), Damien Jalet (contemporary dance), Alessio Castellaci (sound movement), Iwona Olszowska (Body Mind Centering), Keight Hennessy (performance art), Isabelle Schad (Tai Chi movement) and others.

In 2015 Paulina begun an ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training and soon became a certified yogateacher (RYT500). Her education late followed by Yoga4cancer®, EMBODY Myofascial Yin Yoga, and workshops in Meditation and Healthy Spine. Since she was teaching in Belin, Milan, Poland (multiple cities) and Montreal. In 2019 she recognized limitations within conventional yoga and dance practices and created Dance Meditation – a space where both could harmoniously coexist, allowing individuals to engage with their inner selves through movement, voice, and mindfulness.

Evening classes are open to all levels, and it is recommended to register in advance for one or multiple classes.

Registration is done directly with the teachers, please contact them if you need additional information.