Photo credit : Sandrine Kwan


PROJECT // Ici/Now 202x

The idea of repetition is interesting when improvisation is concerned. How can one be going into an improvisation with no preconceived ideas, no predetermined notions when you have danced repeatedly on the same piece of music? How does the dancer tap into the idea of the unknown when in fact the unknown is actually known? If a beat, a drop and a hit is set in the music, how can you approach your improv without thinking about that very beat, drop or hit? How is the dancer/musician’s approach before the first attempt versus the 30th attempt? Can we truly be open to whatever when it comes to improvisation? 
This project aims to distance yourself from the work and let what comes just flow through you. Create in the present moment. Without thinking about it. Can you listen to yourself without hearing yourself?


Photo credit: Sandrine Kwan

BIO // Born in 1974, Sandrine Kwan is a French Canadian artist. She studied Creative Arts at Dawson College and B.A. in Cultural Studies at McGill University. That’s the official story.  The other story is that she studied dance from the age of 4. She had an unquenchable thirst for self-expression through movement. Her experience highlighted how will and passion had little to do with the “equipment” you had to work with. She became self-taught. Her journey led her to meet with like-minded people through different dance, theatre and performance art workshops she had taken part of while travelling through Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She realized that the unconventional attracted itself. In the end, the search for herself in herself would become the universal language of her art. She currently lives in Montreal.