Sonia Bustos Photo credit: Allison Figueroa


Summer 2019

PROJECT // Essai sur la mémoire is a solo performed and choreographed by myself. In connection with my artistic interest for femininity and memory, this choreographic research is an investigation of identity explored through my relationship with my mother and grandmother. Starting from my personal story and my memories, this project is conceived as an exercise of evocation through the senses, leading to a shared sensory experience on stage. 

This project continues to develop an artistic approach in which I seek a deep connection to the subjects which inspire a creation, in order to create a state of authenticity and a more complete engagement on stage. For example, for the project Intérieur brut, I decided to address violence towards women and the condition of women in Mexico, a topic related to my political preoccupations. In order to continue in this vein and deepen my approach, I would like to start this project from a more intimate place. Having experienced the death of my mother at a very young age and the death of my grandmother four years ago, I wonder about the act of remembering and the ways of evoking what now only exists as memory. This project is an attempt to spark evocation through movement, a call to lived perception that is first and foremost embodied and felt.

Sonia Bustos
by Adrian Becerril

BIO // Mexican performer-creator Sonia Bustos holds a Masters in Dance from UQAM (2014) and a BA in Theater from UNAM (2006). She has danced for Danza Contemporánea Universitaria, the company Les Sœurs Schmutt and the interdisciplinary group Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra among others and has presented projects in Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic and Austria. She is the performer of Intérieur brut, a solo created in collaboration with the choreographer Élodie Lombardo and presented in April 2018 at the MAI gallery. For this project, Sonia received the Vivacité Montréal (CALQ, CAM) bursary and the support of the Explore and Create program (CAC). 

Her interests as performer-creator are deeply related to her sociopolitical commitment as well as the acknowledgement of the creative work of the performer. Sonia gears her artistic research towards the condition of women, the “third root” in Latin America, memory, theatricality and the relationship with the audience. She’s also interested in videodance as a tool for evoking and questioning the ephemerality of dance. 

* L’Anthropologie Théâtral et le training chez l’Odin Teatret, UNAM, 2006.

* Du réel au corps poétique. Le cheminement d’une interprète, UQÀM, 2014.