Last update: May 12th, 2022
Our protocols will be regularly updated with the most recent health guidelines. If you have any questions please be in touch.


Studio 303 cares about your physical and mental health. We’re counting on your cooperation to help us mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure everyone feels as safe and comfortable as possible. Below is a snapshot of the measures we have taken and what we expect from you. Our decisions follow government guidelines and take into consideration diverse concerns among our team and what we’ve heard from our collaborators and the broader dance community. We believe in agency over your own body, and collective care-taking. This requires conscientious conversation, and a culture of informed consent.

We appreciate your help in achieving this aim.

Key Information

MASK. Studio 303 is a closed public space. We continue to recommend that renters and participants in our activities wear a mask.

• Although no longer legally required, masks remain an effective means of reducing risk of transmitting covid-19.
• Our community includes immunocompromised people who deserve to feel safe at the studio.
• Our community is also largely comprised of independent artists, who often rely on precarious contracts to make ends meet.

All to say, the possibility of contracting covid-19 is still a major concern for many folks we care for, and as always, our individual comfort levels may vary from others we share space with. If a teacher/artist prefers that participants wear masks, we will support them in that choice. Masks will be available in the studio for you if needed. Thank you for your care and understanding.

VACCINE PASSPORT. Although the vaccine passport is no longer legally required, we may still use it at the request of the artist facilitating the event or activity. It will be listed on the event or activity web-page when its use is required.

CAPACITY. We recommend a maximum of 20 people in the studio in order to respect physical distancing.

General Instructions & Responsibility of Studio Users

By coming to Studio 303, you agree to respect the following health guidelines:

Do not come to the studio if you have symptoms, or if you think you have COVID-19. It is also your responsibility to notify Studio 303 if you have participated in an activity and then test positive for COVID-19. Please consult the most recent government guidance on testing/isolating.
Disinfect your hands upon entering the space and before touching shared equipment: water cooler, windows, fans, sound board, curtains, light switches (ideally, assign this task to one person in your group).
– Maintain a distance of 1 metre from other people.
– Open windows and turn on the fans during use to ensure adequate ventilation.
– Avoid using the poorly ventilated dressing room (max 3 people); ideally, arrive already dressed in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for movement.
– Please keep your personal belongings in designated spaces along the studio wall.

Studio 303 is a shared space, thank you for taking care of others and remaining attentive. Do not assume that your level of comfort regarding sanitary measures corresponds to that of others, let’s respect each others’ limits without judgment.

Special Measures Taken by Studio 303

– Encourage advance reservations, and online payments (versus cash).
– Smaller class sizes (max 15 people) and no drop-ins for workshops.
– Additional time (30 minutes) given to renters for cleaning and airing out the studio.
– Procedural masks available to those entering the studio.
– Hand sanitizer available at all times in the studio.
– Cleaning supplies available to all studio users at all times.

Contact Tracing

For all Studio 303 activities (ex: workshops and residencies), Studio 303 will contact all participants in case of an outbreak connected to our space. It is the responsibility of all renters to collect the contact information of each person who participates in or attends an activity at Studio 303 under their watch, in order to be able to reach them in the event of an outbreak.

Due Diligence

We operate under the principle of due diligence applied to health and safety in the workplace. In other words, we take all reasonable precautions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent contamination among Studio 303 users. We have determined intrinsic risk factors in our environment and have taken measures to reduce them. In order to make this work, each person must be accountable for their conduct. If you feel that someone is behaving irresponsibly, please let us know as soon as possible, so we may follow-up with the person.

Unacceptable Behaviour and Exclusion

Studio 303 reserves the right to exclude any individual who does not comply with the above-mentioned health regulations. A warning will first be given to verify the person’s understanding of the instructions, and in case of recurrence, the person will be excluded from the activity.

Office & Employees

Studio 303’s office hours open to the public still need to be confirmed. The following measures are being taken to protect the health of our team:

– Encouraging remote work and meetings.
– Employees are encouraged to conduct a self-assessment of their health condition before coming to the office. 


You are invited to share your comments, thoughts and suggestions to improve our COVID-19 protocol.