Vanessa Fortin

EMMANUELLE LÊ PHAN (MTL) — Tentacle Tribe approach


This technique class includes a mix of influences converging into a strong and precise dance. Concepts from breaking, popping and perhaps contemporary dance, will form the foundation of each exercise. Inversions, floor exercises, “freezes”,  and travelling across the floor will all be used to work on flow, dynamics and control. We will take the time to refine concepts, and to play with both the mechanical and organic aspects of movement in order to create a sense of illusion and complexity. The workshop will culminate with the creation of duets and trios that integrate the week’s concepts.

Originally from Ottawa, Emmanuelle draws on her experience in break dance and her studies in contemporary dance in order to create her own style of contemporary hip-hop. Along with Swedish choreographer Elon Höglund, she is the co-founder of the company Tentacle Tribe. Together they have created several works which tour internationally: Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid, Fractals of You, Origami Mami, Threesixnine and Ghost.

Since 1999, under the alias Cleopatra, she has built an international reputation as both a competitor and judge alongside her B-girl group Legendary Crew.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance from Concordia University in 2003, she co-founded Solid State Breakdance Collective, and also performed with Rubberbandance Group, Bboyizm and Out Innerspace Dance Theatre. In 2005, Emmanuelle participated in the creation of Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles Love, a show which she performed for two years in Las Vegas. In 2009, she also participated in the creation of Cirque Eloize’s ID, followed by several years of touring.

All workshops are for professional performing artists. Some require advanced dance training.

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