Brian Solomon

B. Solomon — Ancient Awakenings and Technologies

May 20th to 24th, 2024 – 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Mon.-Fri.)
Full week rate : $85
Drop-in class rate : $25 – Only on Monday and/or Tuesday
(available one month prior)
Language of instruction : English
Questions can also be asked in : French
Open to artists of all disciplines , ages 9 to 90


The mask could be mandatory for some activities as an accessibility measure for our teachers or participants. For more information, click here.

Come join in the adventure of a lifetime, through space, time, and the cosmos and forge a greater understanding of your body. Your true nature, your child spirit, and how you were born to interact in this world with everything around you, is waiting to be heard and acknowledged — with the only thing you truly have, for just a moment, your ancient body.

Our mission is an attempt to forge a deeper connection to every part of ourselves.

Every part of ourselves.

A brave call to our ancestral senses to hold in our awareness as much of everything we are, as possible.

Taking on the state of the natural world, it’s environments and how they’re threaten, all from the studio within the universe of Us.

We are trying to SAVE THE WORLD and ourselves in this workshop.

This will happen from PLAY, HUMOUR and JOY.

By paying particular attention to the functions of the senses we don’t normally associate with movement, we tap into the body’s instinctive awareness of semiotics as one large communicating body. Our bodies are ancient, and we are meant to be in communication with it. As a giant speaking body filled to the brim with under used sense-function, we’ll discover some of our ancient technologies that relate to what is referred to in Anishinaabewiin as our “Original Instructions”.

We will physicalize these philosophies through warm-ups, somatic explorations, Storytelling, old fashion North American show-dances, spontaneous Choreography, and more.

We gonna truly feel.

We gonna sweat.

We gonna meditate.

We gonna activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Gonna jump without impact.

Gonna cut like a knife without cracking the handle.

We gonna express and body-speak in ways we’ve always desired to.

You will leave feeling well-worked and ready for whatever your day might be, while maintaining a vessel to last you 200 hundred years. 

Many Contemporary and Classical forms, techniques, teachings and traditions will be referenced and drawn from within the workshop (Pow Wow, Ballet, Somatic Release, Street etc.).

Every type of artist and person is welcomed and encouraged to join — every experience level will be challenged 

The workshop is designed to evolve and be in response to the participants. Including, but not limited to working with; mobility aids, limited mobility, deaf and hard of hearing, children and elders, cognitive and neurological disabilities and more.

Multi-award nominated, winner and loser, Artist B. Solomon (Anishinaabe niini / Irish settler) was born and raised on the land in Shebahonaning of the North Channel of Lake Huron. 

As a creator his work is multidisciplinary, highly expressive and full of spirit. His commissions have ranged from community-rooted works with over 40 interpreters, solos in trees, to animated installations of landfill. His works have been presented and toured across Turtle Island and many nations abroad.

Since he was a teenager much of Solomon’s work has been committed to community activation with a focus on unacknowledged and underserved peoples and land. He is passionate about helping people relearn the nature of their ancient bodies, and take back the space those bodies occupy as caretakers. More info at:

The workshop offered tangible, practical tools to assist my pursuit to decolonize the body. Great fruitful conversation.

– Justin de Luna

Interdisciplinary workshop exploring local heritage, relationship to the elements and temporality:

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B. Solomon — Ancient Awakenings and Technologies

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This training receives financial support from Compétence Culture’s Intervention-Compétences programme and is offered in collaboration with the Conseil de la formation continue Arts et culture de l’Île-de Montréal.