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Victoria Mackenzie (FULL)— Floor.Workshop

Sept. 25th to 29th, 2023 – 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Mon.-Fri.)
Full week rate : $85
Drop-in class rate : 25$
(available one month prior)
Language of instruction : English and French
Questions can also be asked in : English and French
Open to artists of all disciplines

This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Regroupement québécois de la danse.


The mask could be mandatory for some activities as an accessibility measure for our teachers or participants. For more information, click here.

Floor.workshop is a class for dancers interested in deepening their vocabulary & expanding their personal approach when including floorwork in their movement. Floorwork does not only signify dancing on the floor, but also how we include floor passages in our dance and how we build transitions between standing and floor.

This workshop includes general techniques and conceptual approaches which makes the class an open playground for dancers coming from diverse backgrounds. We give time to understand our personal entry points into material offered and for building signature movements inspired by concepts offered. Freestyle is an important part of the class that allows us to test how we integrate our generated material.

The class asks for a high level of courage as we are guided through exercises that require risk-taking and necessitate trial and error, often with crashing (falling). Analyzing movement sequences to clarify momentum-generation and power-building moments is a vital component as we work towards more dynamic actions.

Because of Vic’s background in breaking, the class places an emphasis on attack over surrender, rotational direction over linear direction, and developing signatures & personal twists over replication of offered material.

Floor.workshop is a floor-focused dance class that focuses on:
• Upper body strength training
• Techniques for facilitating efficient execution of movements
• Level changes, transitioning between 3 levels: top, mid, low
• Upside-down training
• Creation & utilization of momentum to produce dynamic and powerful action
• Integrating floor passages into personal movement vocabulary
• Guided explorations to build unique movements
• Exercises in freestyle and synchronicity with music

Victoria Mackenzie/VicVersa is a Montréal-based independent dance artist. Her main areas of focus are performance, pedagogy, facilitation, and event coordination. Vic has been dancing since early childhood and has since practiced and performed various styles in various arenas. She is an amalgam of classical training, b-girl-ism, and nightclub free form. She has performed, taught, and battled locally and internationally. Her frequent past and present collaborators include: Tentacle Tribe, Helen Simard, WAFD Creations, Ebnfloh, 100lux,Tangente, and FRGMNT. Her connections with the street dance and club scene are an essential part of her life. Her approach considers musical emphasis, expression of self and catharsis above all else.

The workshop helped me for the following: technique, body awareness, patience in exploration, defining movement and transitions

– Améline