Studio 303 facilitates rich encounters between artists and those who can provide them with residency, presenting or other support opportunities. By inviting local artists to help envision the structure of these events, and involving them in the decisions that directly affect them, Studio 303 prioritizes their needs while encouraging the mobility of ideas and projects. Our networking initiatives include:

SPARK is a 5-day multi-venue “urban art safari,” organized every 3 years (2010, 2013…) for a dozen international professionals with whom Studio 303 and its artists feel an affinity. Spark has led to concrete touring and residency opportunities for many of the artists involved.

SPARK Studio Series
During the FTA/OFFTA, to take advantage of the sizeable presence of presenters already in the city, Studio 303 organizes public meetings, discussions and informal showings by some of our artists-in-residence.

À Table
À Table is a unique networking event that DOES NOT involve speed-dating, random schmoozing, or organized pitches. Presenters sit at individual tables in our studio for a 3-hour period to receive artists who wish to initiate, join or eavesdrop on conversations with them. In this context, presenters are positioned as resources, not buyers, and are at the service of the artists. À Table seeks to subvert tired power dynamics that are reinforced through traditional networking events.

To learn more about À Table’s next edition, take a look at our calendar!

QUOTES from previous editions
“… it was a very good introduction to where emerging artists are coming from in Montreal and these contacts will serve a longer term usefulness than the immediate job of programming a festival.”
– Stephen Bain, Winning Productions (New Zealand)

« L’objectif était clair : faire des rencontres. Peut-être que ces rencontres aboutiront à des échanges professionnels lors de relances par courriel … Alors là, peut-être que les attentes se réaliseront. »
– Participating artist

We asked all our À Table guest presenters what they are interested in and how they program work. These unilingual info-sheets (apologies – we can’t afford to translate them!) are available for download here:

SPARK is not an event with an open call for submissions. We generally build the programming following these steps:
— A date is chosen in function of existing programming involving 303-associated artists.
— Then, we check in with our current season programmed artists (presented or in residency) to see what they are working on, and if it makes sense to offer studio showings of their work, or include them in a cabaret-style program, or simply invite to one of the social networking events.
— If programming space allows, we consider approaching certain artists from past seasons, prioritizing particular practices to complement the rest of the programming.

We know it’s a drag to not be included, but the intimacy of the event is what distinguishes it from all other market development initiatives. And we’re always careful to include at least one open networking event – such as À Table – for the broader community.