Discussion Performative SPARK 2019 par David Wong

Performative Discussion (SPARK Series)

Tuesday May 30th, 2023

3 – 5 p.m.
Relational-Transactional dynamics in the arts
In english or french, depending on participants
Welcome to all



Relational-Transactional dynamics in the arts
Whether co-creating a project, touring or programming, working together in the arts requires a delicate balancing act of building relationships and engaging in transactions, which in turn tends to be complicated by explicit or implicit power dynamics.
How do you experience this tension in your work? 

Join us for an intimate exchange around this topic. The format of this unmoderated performative discussion is modeled on Lois Weaver’s fluid  Long Table public address system, where participants may:

  1. join the table to contribute to the conversation  
  2. choose to sit in the outer ring as an observer

SPARK Series takes place during the FTA/OFFTA (end of May), taking advantage of the large presence of presenters already in town to facilitate different moments of exchange where the relational rather than the transactional is favored.