Kelly Keenan & Guests — Movement Educator’s Forum

May 6th to 10th, 2024 – 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Mon.-Fri.)
Full week rate : $85
Drop-in class rate : N/A
Language of instruction : mix of English and French
Questions can also be asked in : English and French
Open to artists of all disciplines but geared towards dance and movement artists and educators.


The mask could be mandatory for some activities as an accessibility measure for our teachers or participants. For more information, click here.


This year’s Movement Educator’s Forum marks the 10th anniversary of a community event that invites local folks that lead movement practice to come together to exchange, reflect and re-inspire their teaching. Acknowledging that many of us address common themes, like breath, footwork, co-ordination, preparedness or more broadly agency and autonomy of practice, the MEF celebrates the unique ways that each of us engages with any one theme. This year’s theme and programming (tbd) will provide a launching pad to explore how different practitioners envisage and mobilize the chosen theme. Over the course of a week, 5 teachers across fields of practice are invited to lead a movement class followed by a facilitator and peer lead discussion and experiential lab. Perhaps, by the end of the week our normalized ways of understanding the chosen theme will be blasted open by a multifold of embodiments.

Archive of Movement Educator’s Forums 2013 – 2022

While this workshop is unique in that it offers an occasion to engage in practice (rather than a round table discussion), it does not necessitate participation. It is intended for folks who teach movement or who are interested in discourse around movement education. The theme (tbd) can be interpreted broadly, some practices may be physically vigorous, while others, not. There will be five different natures of practice offered.

Kelly Keenan
is a contemporary dance artist, teacher, event organizer, administrative elf and Mother based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal. Working in the field since 2001, Kelly continues to perform for independent choreographers and to co-create work that forwards the felt (or somatic) experience over what may be observed. Her career has been notably invested into exploring different approaches to dance training. Kelly’s own teaching has been uniquely shaped by somatic approaches to movement, contemporary anatomy and feminist frameworks for situating these practices and what they do when we dance with them. In 2013, Kelly began the Montreal Movement Educator’s Forum, an event that gathers and celebrates diversity of practices. Having recently assumed a position as Professeure en pratiques artistiques at UQAM’s Département de danse Kelly now puts lots of heart into teaching and supporting dance artists and teachers in training.

Kelly Keenan is a great inspiration to my work as a dancer, researcher and creator. I am amazed by the diversity of knowledge and resources that Kelly manages to gracefully string together. Her generosity in sharing her practice is what keeps me coming back for more. There is always something new or a new way of looking at the same thing, which is a quality I look for and admire in the various disciplines I practice. Kelly manages to open my eyes into my body and all its many layers, always with a refreshed gaze and an insight of awe.

– Mona El Husseini