PROJECT // Quinlan Green x Thea Patterson Art Volt Mentorship

I’ll be using workshop and studio time with Studio 303 to ground my research and movement practices, as an emerging writer and performer of contemporary theatre, recently graduated from a BFA in Performance Creation with Concordia. My aim is for stage-poetry which knows itself through a spatialized, possibly schematic body, by passing an intuitive vocabulary between the enunciation of lived-experience and the demonstration of discourse-situated recording. Aspiring to be a dramaturg of embodied and aesthetic text, my current path is in asking how post-structural observation of the present moment can be used to examine Canadian affects of migration, through a gaze onto place that’s particular to both the equalization of elements in a presented image and the poetry of the Caribbean. By mindfully revisiting up to five years of studies in semiotics and historiography, I’m seeking what it looks like to build scenographic and kinesetic analogues for my theses, and how my perspective and position functions as a performer within these.

BIO //  Quinlan Green is an emerging theatre-artist, aiming his work at what he terms as post-mimetic aesthetic interests found for post-colonial realizations. A recent graduate from Concordia University’s Performance Creation BFA program, his focus is on playwriting alongside acting and movement-based performance work. The formation of  his practice so far has come about through 3 Concordia productions, various creative associations with Teesri Duniya Theatre, presentations with the Milieux Institute’s Performance Art Research Cluster and the Art Matters Festival, and a handful of other initiatives at the intersection of community building and live art. Born in BC and raised in Northern Ontario, he is now using his time to make Montréal home.