Credit: Maria Tsukamoto

Jordan Brown

Queer Performance Camp 2020

PROJECT // “Elastic Bodies” (working title) is a hybrid project of movement, installation, and sculpture that explores distance, connection and limitations in relationships, created in collaboration with Maxine Segalowitz and Rafaelle Kennibol-Cox. As someone who moved away from home at a young age and is still searching for “their people”, I am interested in necessary closeness/distance between yourself and people you love and how to find community. I am interested in how these relationships build an emergent spatial organization—a network in which individual movements are part of a much larger whole. And then if you add in the fact that some are able to move more easily in the world, usually at the cost of others, I wonder what that looks like in terms of a shape.

The project uses yarn as an exploratory guide, using its materiality as a connective tissue to illustrate space, tension, volume, and restriction in a dynamic visual and sculptural format. Knitting is a technique that transforms one thread into a larger work by way of creating individual knots that all connect. In the process, it builds strength, flexibility, and resistance. “Elastic Bodies” applies this logic to a setting in which we think through the material to connect, explore boundaries, and detach. 

Credits : Ana Agliardi

BIO //Jordan Brownis an artist and performer based in Montreal since 2014. Their practice departs from an interest in collage and applies its logic to performance situations, incorporating movements, texts, sounds, and materials along the way. Their creative process is multidisciplinary and oscillates between somatic approaches, poem-writing, spiritual work and creating environments to inhabit. Jordan’s work has been shown in residency and performance contexts in Berlin, Lisbon, Toronto, and Tokyo, as well as locally in Montreal.