PROJECT // 3 Sisters

As an inspiration, 3 Sisters invites us to think about the longing and desires we tuck away, what plans we project safely in the future. Chekhov’s heroines yearn to return to Moscow. When the moment comes, they postpone. We ask ourselves, what are our personal Moscows? We will explore such daydreams in-studio through strategies taken from our own disciplines. Combining our backgrounds in video art, theatre, performance art, comedy, cabaret, and arts and crafts, a well-made play is not on the menu.

BIO // Jacqueline van de Geer crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 from Holland to live in Montreal. She has since performed her creations internationally, and has worked with Joe, Jack and John, Nervous Hunter and Compagnie Mobile Home among others.

Michael Martini is a queer theatre artist who creates performances for various contexts: the blackbox, the gallery, the cabaret. Notably he has presented work at festivals Summerworks, OFFTA, and Rhubarb.

Lenore Herrem is a cabaret and online video artist whose alter ego Sandy Bridges presents shady pyramid schemes, satirical powerpoints, and home tutorials. She has presented work at Cabaret Tollé, Gender Blender, Slut Island, and many other events.

Photo credit: Sunjae Lee

Photo credit : Connie Tsang

Photo credit: Danny Blair