Photo credit: Anne White + Miranda Gee Jones


PROJECT // Harmony needs more than one

Anne and Miranda are two friends and longtime artistic collaborators who have developed a mutual interest in studying the building blocks of harmony – what happens when two or more tones are sounded together. We are interested in harmony’s possible emotional resonances, its role in composition and how it needs more than one voice to exist. 

We see a poetic parallel between the multivocal nature of harmony and our desire to learn together. Our process of learning is modeled on a quote from Charles Dickens’ Bleak House: “…my comprehension is quickened when my affection is.” 

When we say “learn about harmony,” we mean it! We will be cracking open music theory books, doing composition exercises and geeking out over the poetic absurdity of trying to describe music. We are enthralled by open fifths, modal shifts and the tactile process of reading, making notes, playing chords, and asking questions.

We will present our learning process, experimental compositions and reflections on harmony in a series of interdisciplinary interventions, forms that can hold our commitments to art, pedagogy, and autobiography in the balance.

Matthew Murphy and Lillian Ross-Millard will contribute to the project as collaborators / outside-eyes.
We will organize a public sharing in August 2023 – stay tuned!

BIO // Miranda Gee Jones is a Tiohtià:ke/Montréal-based artist. She folds multiple disciplines into her performance practice, like contemporary dance forms, vocal music, choir, radio, score-making and foundry. Recent work has been shared at Queer Performance Camp, Cabaret Tollé, Concordia’s FARR, Bouge D’Ici, Ada X, CUBE and Fonderie Darling.

Anne White is an emerging theatre artist who embraces multiple art forms and research practices. Her approach is influenced by studying philosophy (University of King’s College), theatre training (L’école de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq), a church choir (St. Bartholomew’s), and multidisciplinary projects shown at Precarious Festival, Fonderie Darling and Artspace Peterborough.

Photo credit: Francesca Chudnoff
Photo credit: Will Pearson